Two hours of news with all the editorial staff of Europe 1 around Isabelle Millet.

Guests but also current affairs debates, in particular at 6.30 p.m. with the Great Voices of Europe 1 and at 7.15 p.m. with Isabelle Millet and a guest.


Julien de Funès

, philosopher. 

Catherine Nay,

 political journalist, author of “Le noir et le rouge or the history of an ambition” (

Grasset editions

, 1984), and “Les Sept Mitterrand, ou les Métamorphoses d'un septennat” (

Grasset editions,


Jean Garrigues

, president of the parliamentary history committee, author of “The magnificent losers, from 1958 to the present day” (

Tallandier editions, 


Jacques Attali

, writer, author of "It was François Mitterrand" (

Fayard editions

, 2005). He was François Mitterrand's main advisor.