One of the historical pictures from the stormed US Capitol shows a man with a white beard.

He stretches his left hand forward and has opened his mouth to scream.

Three silver rings flash on his ear.

The dome of the Capitol building arches over it.

The man's name is Jon Schaffer.

Several US media confirm that he was there when the Capitol was attacked.

He is a heavy metal musician and once founded the US band Iced Earth.

But that evening in Washington, Schaffer, born in 1968, is out and about as a supporter of his President, Donald J. Trump.

His struggle leads him to the Capitol, the sacred chambers of American democracy.

WELT met Schaffer in Washington in November.

Even then, he was marching with thousands of other demonstrators on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Incited by Trump, they are calling for another term for the Republican.

They suspect election fraud, even though the Democrat Joe Biden won the presidential election undisputedly.

Even then, it became clear how radical some Trump supporters are - and how easily their convictions can be discharged into action.

In retrospect, the conversation with Schaffer looks like a prophecy from the previous night.


“A group of villains and criminals captured this country a long time ago,” Schaffer is convinced.

He speaks of globalists, or, as he calls them, the "dregs of this earth".

It is precisely this resentment that populists like Trump stir up when they speak of “America first,” America first.

You are against the role of the USA as a global regulatory power, against international cooperation that goes beyond trade.

For people like Schaffer, under the guise of the Democratic Party, communism is breaking into America.

And in this worldview it must be fought at all costs.

“They will go under.

They mess with the wrong people, believe me, ”says Schaffer, who is originally from Indiana.

He lifts his index finger.

"You will go under!"


He's wearing a blue hoodie and a black vest - apparently the same outfit as last night.

Only the peaked cap shows another slogan on Wednesday: "Oath Keepers - lifelong member".

It is reportedly an extreme right-wing militia, mainly composed of former military and security forces.

When asked how he felt about violence during the demonstration, Schaffer replied almost two months ago: “We have a lot of people here” - he shows around him - “who are prepared for it.” And adds: “If someone uses violence against us we will respond accordingly.

We don't want that, but we are ready. "

The day will go down in history: Pro-Trump protesters storm the Capitol.

In a blue sweater: Jon Schaffer

Source: AFP via Getty Images

Schaffer finds the "hatred of Trump ridiculous" - and argues with a conspiracy theory.

The President is dealing with a “criminal power” that has been guiding world destinies for a long time.

But America will by no means merge into a “globalist communist system”: “That will not happen.

There will be a lot of bloodshed when it comes to that, believe me, ”says Schaffer.

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Was it part of his fight to break through the police line with other Trump supporters on Wednesday evening and storm the Capitol so that the MPs had to be evacuated or holed up in their offices?

Does he still think he's right?

The management of his band Iced Earth has so far left one request unanswered.