The sweet craving properly raised its head in middle school, when a couple of hundred grams of candy bag was a regular part of everyday life for Leeni Viio.

- If candy was not available, I dug sugar cubes out of the cupboard.

On top of the daily dose of candy came the weekend delicacies we hoarded at a convenience store with a couple of guys.

We often had a delicious night when a huge amount of loose candies, a plate of chocolate, a packet of gingerbread and a 1.5 liter bottle of soda ended up in the basket.

It's easy to guess how bad you felt at the end of the riot, Viio says in his new book Get rid of the craving for sweets - How to get rid of the sugar hook (Atena)

Viio is a graduate nutritionist, sociologist and future nutritionist.

As he got older, Viio's spending with sugar calmed down a bit.

- However, my love for loose candies held its own, and after buying the bag, it emptied in the old way under a unit of time.

Still, I couldn’t stop until my stomach was stoned and sweetly shaken.

At the same time, I suffer from, among other things, intestinal and sleep problems, as well as restlessness and stress.

Sugar cravings can take hold of a person, and the fact that sweet treats are available everywhere does not make the situation any easier.

It took a long time before Viio realized that the symptoms were associated with excessive sugar intake.

Viio only got rid of the sugar when he stopped the strikes and realized that it is difficult to get rid of sugar with the frenzy of self-discipline.

If you want to get rid of sugar, you need to quench your cravings.

It means shaping both your diet and your own habits and thoughts.

- It’s not about iron-strong self-discipline (as is often thought), but about a change in taste preferences and the realization that a moment of sugar drunkenness is not the pleasure I want.

So I still enjoy the delicacies, but the delicacies have changed and so is the state of being after the delicacies, Viio writes.

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Sweet cravings are affected by both biology and individual things such as eating habits, lack of knowledge, learned taste preferences, habits, susceptibility to addiction, restrictive beliefs, agitated gut, stress, hurry, and fatigue.

You can try to influence many things yourself.

Once the sugar is released, you may notice that a smaller amount of sweet is enough and that the inherently sweet treats taste better than the sudden sweet sugar bombs.Photo: Colourbox

Benefits of leaving sugar

According to the nutritional recommendations, the amount of added sugar should be 10% of the daily energy intake.

In practice, that means about 50 grams in an adult.

Population studies have shown that high sugar intake is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes, among other things.

As part of an unhealthy western fast food diet, sugar also raises liver fat.

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    Obesity starts slowly - a very regular breakfast can be a recommendation for the whole day

So pruning too much sugar is worth it.

Ten years ago, the candy bag was Leeni Viio's everyday guy until he found a way of life that is no longer dominated by sweetness. Photo: Riikka Kantinkoski

In her book, Leeni Viio lists the benefits that can be gained when unnecessary sugars and other refined carbohydrates and foods containing them are eliminated from the diet.

In this case, in Viio's words, reactions can start in the body, with the help of which:

  • fat frozen in the liver and abdomen begins to melt

  • chronically high blood sugar and blood pressure fall

  • good cholesterol goes up

  • blood triglyceride levels decrease

  • low-grade inflammation subsides

  • insulin sensitivity improves

  • the intestinal microbiota is balanced

  • the skin feels more elastic

  • uncontrolled hunger attacks are reduced

  • sleep quality improves

  • dental health is improving

  • sweet cravings give way

In the book, sugar-free refers primarily to avoiding added sugar.

Viio also does not recommend replacing sugar with honey or dates.

Photo: Atena