China Overseas Chinese Network, January 7th. According to the "Europe Times" British WeChat public account "British Circle", recently, the latest fraud method in the UK-"New Crown Vaccine Scam", scammers take advantage of people's panic and desperate for vaccines Psychological fraud.

  Such scams generally use fake NHS (National Health Service) to send text messages to people indicating that the recipient is eligible for the new crown vaccination; and then further require people to enter the fake NHS website for relevant registration and identity bank cards, etc. Provision of personal information.

Such fake NHS websites are very real.

Coupled with people's urgent vaccination needs, many people are deceived.

  The British police have now issued a reminder via Twitter: "Please be alert to any fraudulent text messages or phone calls that tell you that you can get the new crown vaccine. Please do not provide any payment or personal details in the attached link. When your GP (for a specific area) Residents' general practitioners and general doctors who provide medical services will not charge you money when they contact you for the new crown vaccine."

  According to the Birmingham Post, a spokesperson for the NHS (National Health Service) has now stated: "The new crown vaccine is currently only available on the NHS for free to priority groups. The NHS will take the initiative to contact you when it is your turn."

  In addition, the NHS will never require people to confirm that they want to be vaccinated by pressing a button or sending a text message, nor will it require payment through a link or provide bank details.

"Anyone who volunteers to provide paid vaccines and request payment details directly in the link is committing a crime."

  In fact, in addition to the recent "new crown vaccine scam", many people have been deceived by various fraudulent methods since the British blockade.

Often scammers will use the name of providing new crown subsidies, selling fake or non-existent medical supplies, etc., to trick people into proactively providing personal and bank details.

  After the third wave of blockade in the United Kingdom, scammers conducted a new round of fraud on the grounds of "providing British government subsidies."

They will imitate the government, such as the UK Revenue and Customs Service (HMRC), saying that they can provide false financial support or tax refunds.

Then request personal information through the forged link.

However, once you find that you need to fill in bank card and other payment information to get subsidies and tax rebates, you must be vigilant.