Munich (dpa / lby) - Bavaria's municipalities have attested the Ministry of Culture to a miserable crisis management in the corona pandemic.

«For years we have been demanding a coherent and robust digitization strategy from the Bavarian state government.

Now, in the Corona crisis, it is becoming apparent that the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs is far from making functioning digital offers for schoolchildren in the crisis, ”said the President of the Municipal Assembly, Uwe Brandl, on Thursday.

It was “almost unbearable” that Minister of Education Michael Piazolo (Free Voters) is now asking to only access the Mebis learning platform every 15 minutes.

"This is a declaration of bankruptcy by the Minister of Education," said Brandl.

"This can not continue like that!"

Brandl pointed out that the municipalities and cities, as material cost providers for schools, have for years made great efforts to make schools fit for the digital age. However, the Ministry of Culture does not manage to fill the whole thing with life. "The teachers are demotivated, there is a lack of a coherent overall concept for the sensible use of the hardware procured and now it is also becoming apparent that the ministry is not able to enable digital teaching at home," said Brandl.