A builder with a long career fears coronary infection and is concerned about the health of his loved ones.

- At the construction sites, the team is quite relaxed about the coronavirus from the masters to the workforce.

Close to the person at risk, the construction sites now feel like really dangerous places, he says.

The man talks about the omissions anonymously because he is afraid of problems with the employer.

During the Korona period, the man has worked in three different cities and on construction sites of different sizes.

On Wednesday, Taloussanomat reported on the risk associated with the thousands of foreign builders who returned to Finland from Estonia during the Christmas holidays.

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Matti Harjuniemi, chairman of the Finnish Construction Association, warned that large clusters of diseases would arrive in the country at the same time.

- The builders come from countries where the economy is on its knees and Korona is out of control, he said.

A tight outfit that changes often

A man who is afraid of corona infections has forced his own crew to wear a mask, but otherwise the use of protective equipment and adherence to safety gaps is weak.

There are similarly Finnish and foreign groups without a mask, he says.

In buildings, the work is physical, and in installation work, for example, safety gaps cannot be kept at all times.

Due to the nature of the work, many employees feel that the use of masks is not possible.

The respirator gets wet and the oxygen does not flow properly.

The man knows the inconvenience, but points out that masks on top of his work are also done by dentists and nurses, among others.


 Often we go with a group in the same elevator, without a mask.

It's a normal everyday life.

Unmasked, the group also goes to the shop and lunch canteen.

Sitting tightly at the same table.

- We often go with a group in the same elevator, without a mask.

It's a normal everyday life.

Unmasked, the group also goes to the shop and lunch canteen.

Sitting tightly at the same table.

- Being in a group is close, it's like family.

Not only is it changing all the time, it’s just the saddest side.

There is a painter, a furniture and air conditioning installer, and a team that is close by often changes.

He has felt that construction workers only wear masks more faintly after a day of work.

- Then we move from a job role to a private one and go to masks on top of the store, at least it feels like it.

This is not just a concern.

The officers of the Building Association constantly receive individual reports of infections on construction sites.

For example, at the construction company SRV's Siltasaari 10 site in Hakaniemi, Helsinki, several corona infections occurred at the end of the year.

Before Christmas, the company mass-tested all those working on the site with the epidemiologists of the City of Helsinki, a total of about 330 people.

The tests found 20 infections, most of which were asymptomatic.

A professional who has criticized the construction industry for coronation in this case is not working on this site.

It is emphasized from SRV that the company takes the fight against the coronavirus seriously and that a lot of work is being done.

In connection with the testing, the epidemiologist reviewed the measures and instructions taken at the site and found the working conditions to be safe.

According to SRV, face masks have been used at the construction site since November.

Social facilities have also been added.

SRV and the real estate investment company Antilooppi are renovating HOK-Elanto's former department store into business premises.

The house will also have restaurant and café services. Photo: Joonas Salo

Tapio Jääskeläinen, the construction association's work environment expert, says that safety gaps cannot be maintained in all work.

Goggles mist up and masks produce breathing resistance, which is perceived as difficult in physical work.

Similarly, part of the group is afraid of infections.

- There are construction sites that have no idea that masks should be distributed or required to be used.

Jääskeläinen points out that protection requires evaluating what is being protected against, dust, chemicals, Korona exposure or a combination of these.

The guards should be selected for the correct use and the employer should instruct on use, change intervals and break times so that the workload is not unreasonably high.