Train troops and prepare for war and set off again-a scan of the army's new year training in 2021

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 6 -

Title: training preparing for the re-start - - 2021 New Year start of training military forces large scan

  Xinhua News Agency reporter

  On January 4, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, President of the State, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission signed the Central Military Commission’s No. 1 Order of 2021, issuing a training and mobilization order to the entire army, clearly proposing “focus on preparing for war, deepening the transformation of military training, and building a new The military training system has comprehensively improved the level of actual combat training and the ability to win", which provides a fundamental basis for military training in the new year.

  Trusted by the pinnacle, the party will guide the way forward; for the battlefield, the powerful army will be powerful.

  On land, chariot arrays are swift; in the sky, the silver wings are fighting fiercely; on the sea, the fleet is splitting the waves and chasing the waves; the mountains and the swords are more powerful... The north and the south, there are military camps, and the whole army. Resolutely implement President Xi's decision-making instructions and quickly set off a new year's training boom.

  Able to fight and win battles, in 2021, the People's Army will train and prepare for war and set off again...

Army: Strictly grasp training and gnaw hard bones, lead the pioneers bravely

  More than 3,000 officers and soldiers are fully armed, morale is high, dozens of equipment are neatly lined up, mighty and mighty...

  On the morning of the 4th, the Army held a grand mobilization for the 2021 start of training. The main venue in Yanshan's main venue was bitterly cold. The Standing Committee of the Army Party Committee stood up and demonstrated.

After the training and mobilization, from the prosperous city to the border checkpoint, the heads of the troops fired their first shots and shots, and quickly launched training as planned.

  In the new wind, a leader of the Army Aviation Brigade of the 73rd Army called out "watch me" and "follow me". They chewed on "hard bones" when they started flying, and organized special handling, formation flying, and low-altitude sea penetration and other dangerous courses.

  In the extremely cold war, the head office of the Tacheng Army Division organized actual shooting training in a low temperature environment of minus 30 degrees Celsius, and established a clear orientation of "being strict at the beginning and training strictly".

  Dou Bingxue, the head of the 79th Army marched into the snow field, and continuously carried out a series of training courses with actual combat background, such as live ammunition shooting and command skills, to tap the extreme combat potential of officers and soldiers.

  Strictly take the lead and the leader takes the lead.

Commanders at all levels of a pontoon bridge brigade of the Eastern Theater Army gathered in the agency’s tactical operation room to accurately connect the three-level combat readiness plan of brigade, battalion, and company; a group of party committees of a brigade of the 78th Group Army took the lead in launching the “first shot” of training. Specialization and refining of important and difficult subjects...The army forces are in full swing, and the training ground is surging.

Navy: Set out when training starts, and fight when unraveling

  "Shoot!" The formation commander gave an order, and the main guns of each ship fired one after another.

For a time, the sea rumbling, gun smoke filled.

  In a certain area of ​​the Yellow Sea, a ship training center of the Navy in the Northern Theater organized a fleet of ships to carry out high-intensity practical training across the day and night.

  Set out when training begins, and fight when disengaging.

Soon after leaving Hong Kong, a new type of guided-missile destroyer was attacked by an "enemy" and lost its momentum, and the formation immediately started towing.

Against sea artillery fire attacks, ship fires, people falling into the water, joint search and rescue, temporary seizures and arrests, anti-terrorism and anti-piracy... Formation sails all the way, trains all the way, performs actual combat courses, deals with dangerous situations, and plows and wins new tracks.

  In the southern seas and territories, the naval fleet in the southern theater of operations carried out a multi-type, multi-subject, and full-element combat exercise.

When the Honghu ship was replenishing fuel for a certain ship, it suddenly received a combat order from the commander of the ship formation and immediately turned into a combat state.

  In the open seas and oceans, the Yuncheng ship carried out the first ship-to-aircraft coordinated attack training in the new year, and several ship-to-ship missiles rose into the air to accurately hit the target.

  At an airport in eastern Zhejiang, several fighters from a brigade of naval aviation in the eastern theater rushed into the sky. After completing the tactical formation, they attacked the mission airspace and carried out free confrontation air combat under complex weather conditions, maritime ultra-low altitude penetration, and maritime target assaults. training.

Air Force: There is confrontation in the air, and confrontation reaches its limit

  At a certain airport in Central Guizhou, several "Flying Leopard" fighters from a certain brigade of the Air Force of the Southern Theater Command launched a series of attacks amidst the roar, and a intensive flight training combining multiple difficult training courses kicked off.

  Gao Zengsong, the captain of the flying brigade, said that it is necessary to persist in leading training through combat, and promoting combat through training, combining with the tasks undertaken, to solidly carry out emergency response specialization and refining, to beat and exercise on the front line of military struggle, and to comprehensively improve the level of training and the ability to win.

  "We must keep close to actual combat, use good weapons and equipment, and practice excellent winning skills to win a decisive battle at a critical moment!" Sun Teng, captain of a brigade flying brigade of the Eastern Theater Air Force Air Force, returned to the tactical research room after completing the aerial confrontation flight. , Start air combat resumption.

  On the front line of the outfield flight, Sun Teng’s brigade insisted that “there is confrontation when you lift off, and the confrontation reaches its limit”. It fights against each other with brother units, fights against alien aircraft, and explores and verifies the various tactics integrated into the system.

  Air and space are integrated, offensive and defensive are both integrated, and pictures of fiery military training are spread out in the world——

  A certain air force base in the Western Theater Command started training. The ground air defense force and the air strike force were grindstones for each other to win hard work. The missiles were erected and the war eagles roared. Thousands of officers and soldiers rushed to the battle position.

  A certain regiment of the Air Force Air Corps organized cross-day and night free air combat training. The formation of red fighter planes decided to make a raid at low altitude and high speed. Unexpectedly, they were ambushed by blue fighter planes when they failed to reach the target area. The pilots of the two sides came and fought in close quarters.

  Practice assault, command, and coordination... a series of confrontation training with actual combat background to ensure that the troops can draw and win at any time.

Rocket Army: benchmarking the core combat power standards, forging a strong sword

  The east wind is violent and the thunder is fierce.

  In the field training ground of a certain missile brigade of the Rocket Army, launchers are waiting to be launched, and the trumpeters are exploring new models and tactics for winning future wars in accordance with the core standard requirements of "be able to fight at any time, launch on time, and effectively damage"; In the study room, the officers and soldiers distinguished their specialties and played silent "games" with circuit diagrams and oil circuit diagrams.

  On the front line of combat readiness, the officers and soldiers of the second battalion launched by the Rocket Army's "Conventional Missile First Brigade" were passionate and motivated. They consciously worked overtime and carried out targeted training.

Ying Changjiang Junpeng said that as the strategic missile force in charge of the "heavy weapon of the great power", it is determined to carefully craft swords, devote themselves to swords, and dare to shine swords to ensure that they are ready to fight at all times and can fight at any time.

  In Liangjian Southern China, a certain Rocket Army brigade launched a full-process and full-element actual combat drill; training on plateaus, a certain Rocket Army brigade randomly set up special conditions, optimized the "command line, action line, and support line", and promoted the deep integration of military training and combat... …

  Since the start of the training, the Rocket Army has organized officers and soldiers to earnestly study the mobilization order through various forms, and converted it into the source of motivation for training and preparation.

Strategic support forces: unify the training and combat, fortify the elite soldiers, and win the decisive battle

  The party committee specializes in training, communicates, learns and mobilizes, and prepares for actual combat tasks... A certain unit of the strategic support force kicked off the new year's actual combat "opening training week" and continued to set off an upsurge of actual combat training.

  On the Western Sichuan Plateau, with heavy equipment weighing 5,000 tons, the officers and soldiers quickly drove to the designated position with an error of less than 1 cm... On the same day, the two types of equipment were tested and transferred simultaneously.

The desktop task plan shows that a major task has entered a countdown.

  Thousands of miles away, a confrontational exercise in a simulated actual combat environment was in full swing: the password in the integrated computer room kept on, and various data and pictures kept refreshing.

In front of the console, post operators Li Hao and Lin Peng held their breaths, for fear of missing the slightest target signal.

  Focusing, calibration... A target "missile" entered at an extremely fast speed, and the two hurriedly pulled the joystick to observe its flight trajectory with infrared equipment.

In the end, they successfully tracked fast-moving targets and tracked them steadily for two minutes.

  Recently, this unit is organizing extensive discussions and exchanges on the integration of "combat training" and "trial training", sorting out the methods and existing problems of the integration of "combat training" and "trial training", building and improving a new military training system to provide strong support for victory.

Joint logistics support force: set up a "war attitude" and sound the horn of charge

  On the morning of the 4th, the joint logistics support force adopted a three-level linkage method to organize training and mobilization.

At all levels, they started the new year's military training enthusiastically. They set up a "war stance" based on the initial and stringent actual combat training standards, and sounded the horn of charge.

  Evacuation drills, vigilance and defense, field oil supply guarantee... The officers and soldiers of a certain regiment are engaged in training with high spirits, honing their tenacious style and perfecting their skills.

  Road damage, biochemical contamination, artillery blockades, attacks on friendly neighbors... An 8-hour continuous operation of a car regiment at the Zhengzhou Joint Logistics Support Center, with actual combat background throughout the entire process.

  On the southeast coast, officers and soldiers of a certain brigade entered the battle position. On the training ground, there were bursts of killings and dust flying. The training courses of combat basics, tactical basics, health and rescue, and live ammunition were launched one after another.

  In the outskirts of Beijing, the 984th Hospital drew medical staff to unfamiliar areas, and hospital leaders took the lead in training on basic tactical movements and treatment of war injuries.

  Under the Qilian Mountains, officers and soldiers from a certain base drove to the field training ground, under actual combat conditions, to implement actual grenade delivery assessment and handling machinery operation training, to comprehensively improve the level of training and the ability to win.

  The order was issued, and the wind and thunder moved.

The 19th batch of peacekeeping medical teams to Lebanon and the 11th batch of peacekeeping medical teams to South Sudan, combined with their respective mission characteristics and regional situation, carried out close-to-field emergency defense and mass wounded rescue drills, tempered rescue skills, and improved the medical teams in actual combat Medical rescue and humanitarian aid capabilities under conditions.

Armed Police Force: Practice "high leg lift" at the beginning, and draw "full bowstring" when opening

  The iron array is like a mountain like a mountain, and the call sign is like a sea like a tide.

  On the 4th, the Armed Police Force organized an annual training and mobilization.

From the ridges of southern forests to thousands of miles of frozen snowy plateaus, from the uninhabited Gobi desert to the wavy sea frontiers, there are more than 5,000 field operations and hundreds of thousands of officers and soldiers surging with passion and blood.

  The land of Jiangnan was smoked.

More than a thousand officers and soldiers of the Jiangsu Armed Police Corps broke the ice and snow and rushed to complex areas to start the winter camping training of the front finger and mobile detachment of the Corps.

This five-day and four-night training was integrated into the actual combat background, interspersed with trainings such as emergency dispatch, picnic camping, and anti-raid attack. The combat skills of officers and soldiers were tempered strictly and difficultly, and the chief agency's ability to respond quickly, plan and command battles was continuously improved.

  Yanzhao land warfare is strong.

The head organization of the Hebei Armed Police Corps led the mobile detachment to fully carry out the winter camping training to temper the ability of "eat, live, walk, hide, and fight", and comprehensively improve the level of actual combat training.

  Practice "high leg lift" at the beginning, and "full bowstring" when opening the bow.

With full enthusiasm and high fighting will, the officers and men of the Armed Police Force quickly put into fiery combat training and combat readiness.

  Looking at the entire army, the upsurge of planning, drilling, and practicing wars continues to rise, and the energy to fight and win battles continues to gather!

(Notes: Mei Shixiong, Mei Changwei; Participating in writing: Li Qinghua, Liu Xin, Li Yun, Li Bingfeng, Gao Yujiao, Huang Guochang, Fu Kai)