The players of the Finnish national hockey team under the age of 20 kicked their bronze medals in the pitch of Rogers Place in Edmonton on Tuesday after six o'clock that time.

The same hero players were at the local airport as early as nine in the morning on Wednesday.

Captain Anton Lundell, reached from the bag strap, assures that he is cheerful, even though the night's sleep was short and there is an 11-hour flight to Finland ahead.

- What's here, really good feeling.

Just arrived by bus to the airport and soon to the plane, the 19-year-old stellar center announces, yes, just, quite refreshing.

The players' surprisingly vigorous morning schedule is probably due to the strict corona restrictions of the World Cup tournament.

The teams were in the hotel bubble for just over a couple of weeks, and no strict precautions were slipped at the moment of victory.

The Bronze Festival of Young Lions began with a locker room where players tuned into the atmosphere to the beat of Petri Nygård’s Home Party song.

The reedless song was played already after the semi-final win.

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The captain can’t say how miraculously the obscene song of 12 years ago was chosen as the team’s winning song.

- It's a good song that lifted the mood and gave an extra boost after the win.

Whenever we heard it, we knew we were playing well.

I do not know the exact background.

Lundell says the team headed straight from the ice rink to the hotel.

The evening continued in the dining room reserved for Finns, where the table groaned with the favorite delicacies of young hockey players.

- Luckily yesterday there was a little different food than the basic pasta that we otherwise pulled throughout the tournament.

We ate burgers, french fries and wings through a slightly longer formula, the bronze hero opens.

After dinner, the players and background people moved to the meeting room previously used by the team.

Lundell could no longer see other medal teams, Yankee players ecstatic for gold, or Canadians and Russians writhing in grief.

- We were in our own conditions and in the rest we went to the meeting room with the team.

Nice evening.

The night celebrations of the Young Lions culminated in a program number led by team leader Pasi Järvinen.

- Under Pasi's leadership, another mobility set was pulled: the whole body from calves to wrists.

That's what I went to sleep on, Lundell says.

Anton Lundell was the third most powerful player in the World Youth Championship. Photo: Codie Mclachlan / Lehtikuva

Lundell proved to be one of the absolute top players in his age group at the turn of the year tournament at the latest.

HIFK's breeder was already well represented in the block games, but he hit the hardest screens on the table in the semi-finals and the bronze match.

Lundell was unstoppable at best.

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In addition to the medal, the Florida Panthers ’number one reservation left ten power points and a sheer dose of experience from a small trough in North America.

However, the humble hero raises completely different things as the main output of the tournament.

- Perhaps the best thing about the whole tournament was how pretty we had a trip.

We were able to be together with the team and the players in a completely different way and we got to experience all the special stuff in the gang.

- This was a really different and unique voyage, the cheerful captain sums up from the airport before returning to everyday life.