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  • The anti-Covid vaccination campaign began at the end of December in Hauts-de-France.

  • Residents of around fifteen nursing homes can now benefit from the vaccine.

  • Vaccination centers throughout the region have opened for healthcare workers over the age of 50.

In Hauts-de-France, the coronavirus vaccination campaign began at the end of December and the first people to have benefited are residents of nursing home.

The system is being put in place, several centers having already opened or being in the process of opening all over the territory.

However, we are still far from mass vaccination.

Just eight days after the European Medicines Agency authorized the marketing of the Pzifer-BioNTech vaccine on December 21, around forty people benefited from the precious injection in two nursing homes in the North and one in the Somme.

As of this week, around fifteen other similar structures spread across the region will be able to offer their residents and caregivers to be vaccinated.

This concerns, according to the Regional Health Agency (ARS) "about 750 people".

Elderly people and caregivers over 50

For what the government has called "phase 1 of the vaccine strategy", only the elderly reside in nursing homes or long-term care units as well as nursing staff will be able to receive the vaccine.

For the latter, they must be aged “over 50 years or present at risk pathologies” nevertheless specifies the ARS.

Under the same conditions, home helpers and firefighters can also claim to be vaccinated.

To date, the people concerned will have to go to one of the 7 vaccination centers created in Hauts-de-France, in Lille, Valenciennes, Calais, Arras, Beauvais, Saint-Quentin and Amiens.

The latter will only open on Thursday.

The system will nevertheless gradually become more flexible.

In Lille, for example, vaccination sessions will be quickly organized in the different hospitals of the CHU in order to allow professionals to be vaccinated at their workplace.

The vaccine supply is for the moment done in small quantities.

Since December 26, for the entire region, just under 50,000 doses have been received.

The ARS says a new delivery of 40,000 doses is expected next week.

Note that Hauts-de-France has more than 6 million inhabitants.


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