, January 5th. According to the US "World Journal" report, many public school students in New York City, the United States ended the two-week Christmas and New Year holidays on the 4th local time, and were escorted by their parents to return to campus early in the morning wearing masks Continue to study, but today there are still more than 100 schools whose teaching buildings are closed due to positive cases; Chinese parents say that it is the right decision to gradually adapt their children to school life, even if they still have a high diagnosis rate Worried.

  The scene of suspension of classes and returning to school has become commonplace in New York City in 2020. At the beginning of 2021, many public school students ushered in their first physical class of the new year on that day; before that, the city had closed schools twice , The reason is that the positive rate in the school continues to rise.

  Students in pre-kindergarten (Pre-K), three-year-old pre-kindergarten (3-K), kindergarten to fifth grade (K-5) and some special education schools can return to class on the 4th; said Qian Huiyun, a Chinese parent who lives in Manhattan , Despite the safety issues, they are happy to let the children return to the classroom.

  “I think it’s a good thing to let the children go back to school in person because they have to leave home and gradually adapt to classroom learning under the epidemic. The new crown has been raging in New York for nearly a year. There is no reason for education to stagnate due to the epidemic. , Studying at home is different from studying at school. I prefer my children to accept face-to-face teaching." She said.

  Her eight-year-old son Zhou Zirui said that it is more interesting to be at school than at home. "But the bad thing is that I have to wear a mask all day, and sometimes I find it difficult to breathe."

  At the same time, the New York City Department of Education has not yet given a plan for middle and high school students to return to the classroom.

  The Education Bureau announced on its official website all known positive cases in public schools in the city on the 3rd. So far, there have been 169 confirmed cases, of which 32 were students and 137 were faculty members.

  Parents can log on to the website to view the latest epidemic data and the closure of school buildings.