Black leggings, those nice credit clothes!

Leggings, wool socks and a home shirt are still a real passel combo most of the time, but leotards can also be customized to more dressed styles.

But what is fashionably associated with them now?

At least the following clothes and accessories.

Light sneakers

The favorite sneakers of stylists again seem to be understatedly pale.

Choose white, cream, light beige and light gray, Wear sports socks as well, and the sneaker style is ready.

Long boots

Leggings don’t look quite like leggings when you hide half of them.

Knee-length boots go well with pants with legs that slide easily under the toes.

For example, combine with last fall’s hit jacket, a shacket resembling a thick shirt.

Box blazer

One blazer style is now above the others: box-like, masculine, fair design.

You can dress classically white underneath.

Ronskit Ankle boots

The trendiest shoes of the moment include black ankle boots with soles resembling tractor tires.

The exaggeratedly thick flat sole makes the step safe and stylish.

White shirt

With a classic but trendy twist: choose a significantly oversized model.

With leggings, the most flattering and secure tops cover the butt.

Soft knit

This combination looks and feels wonderful even at home.

The warm, soft and plush sweater works with leggings during the winter season.

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Long jacket

When going out with guaranteed leggings, the jacket reaches below the knee.

The wrap design fits the waist if desired.