Hebei takes multiple measures to prevent and control the epidemic

  From the report of the first case on January 2 to 24:00 on January 4, our province reported a total of 19 local confirmed cases and 40 asymptomatic infections.

In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, our province immediately activated an emergency response mechanism to conduct comprehensive investigations and follow-ups, carry out nucleic acid testing for all employees, strictly centralized and standardized management of isolation places, strict pre-inspection and triage, and hospital feeling control, and strengthen the entire chain of cold chain food and non-cold chain items Supervision, resolutely use the fastest and highest efficiency to control the epidemic to a minimum.

  After the outbreak of the epidemic in our province, the provincial party committee and the provincial government attached great importance to it. Wang Dongfeng, secretary of the provincial party committee, director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, and leader of the provincial leading group for response to the epidemic, and Xu Qin, the governor and leader of the provincial leading group for response to the epidemic, immediately organized the provincial meeting. Responding to the epidemic response leading group meeting and the province's epidemic prevention and control work video scheduling meeting, listening to the epidemic situation report, studying and judging the epidemic situation, and proposing to achieve the "eight persistence", control the epidemic at the fastest speed, and strictly implement the "three lines of defense" around Beijing Investigate and control, strictly prevent the export of the epidemic, and resolutely act as the political "moat" of the capital.

  According to the requirements of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council on local cluster response and disposal work, our province immediately entered a wartime state and organized three levels of epidemiological investigators at the provincial, city, and county (district) levels, and all those who tested positive for nucleic acid and their close contact Conduct on-site epidemiological investigations, comprehensively find out whereabouts, investigate close contacts and close contacts of close contacts, conduct centralized isolation, adopt isolation measures, and conduct nucleic acid testing.

At the same time, we will comprehensively organize and carry out killings, fully carry out medical treatment, and treat patients at all costs.

  At present, the provincial leading group for response to the epidemic has sent working groups to Shijiazhuang and Xingtai to guide the handling of the epidemic.

Gaocheng District, Shijiazhuang City, has implemented closed management of Xiaoguozhuang Village, and organized a nucleic acid test for all permanent residents in Gaocheng District. 40,759 people have been sampled and 37,762 people have been found.

Nangong City, Xingtai City, focused on the residential area of ​​confirmed cases and organized a full nucleic acid test of more than 400,000 permanent residents. 329,600 people have been sampled and tested, and 234,100 people have been tested.

The Second Hospital of Hebei Medical University has also carried out 2 nucleic acid tests on all medical staff, staff, and 2,980 patients and accompanying staff in the hospital on January 2nd, all of which were negative.

  In the next step, our province will continue to conduct comprehensive investigations and follow-ups, organize lean forces to carry out epidemiological investigations of newly confirmed local cases and asymptomatic infections, make every effort to track and investigate close and secondary close connections, and implement all isolation and testing measures to maximize Put the spread risk control in place.

According to laws and regulations, scientifically and accurately delineate and adjust the risk level and scope, organize forces to conduct nucleic acid testing for all employees, and quickly find out whether there are still positive cases and asymptomatic infections.

  Fully organize treatment. Provincial and municipal expert groups go to designated hospitals to guide treatment, formulate diagnosis and treatment plans one by one, combine Chinese and Western medicine, and use both Chinese and Western medicine, carry out treatment at all costs, and ensure that patients recover and discharge as soon as possible.

Strictly control the pre-inspection and triage and sense of hospital, move the gate forward, strictly implement the pre-inspection and triage and the first diagnosis responsibility system, set up pre-inspection and triage points in a standardized way, take temperature, check codes, and inquire about symptoms for people entering the outpatient and emergency department Physical signs and epidemiological history, strictly control the first pass of admission.

Strictly centralized and standardized management of isolation sites, and in accordance with the principle of "should be isolated, should be managed", conscientiously implement prevention and control measures such as regular nucleic acid testing for workers in isolation sites and the external environment, and site standardization and elimination to ensure safety in isolation sites.

Strengthen the whole chain supervision of cold chain food and non-cold chain items, consolidate the responsibilities of departments at all levels and cities, counties and districts, and further improve and refine cold chain epidemic prevention measures.

  At the same time, our province will carry out supervision and inspection of the implementation of normalized prevention and control measures.

The headquarters of the Provincial Leading Group for Response to the Epidemic Adhered to the daily video dispatch mechanism, and strengthened the supervision and inspection of the epidemic prevention and control in winter and spring, especially during the Spring Festival through various methods such as video dispatch meetings and open and unannounced visits. If the normalized prevention and control measures such as warming, scanning codes, and controlling the flow of people are not in place, we must supervise and urge serious rectification to ensure that all measures are fully implemented to lay a solid foundation for the overall planning of economic and social development and the smooth start of the "14th Five-Year Plan" .