Augsburg (dpa / lby) - The process of a suspected bus cartel in Augsburg has been suspended after a break of more than two months.

As the Augsburg Regional Court announced on Tuesday, the decision was made because of the persistently high corona incidences.

The procedure will therefore start all over again.

According to a court spokesman, there was initially no date for this.

Since several defendants belong to the risk group due to their age, the defense requested an interruption shortly after the start of the proceedings in October.

Presiding judge Peter Grünes initially continued the hearing, but interrupted it a few days later.

After a break of around two and a half months, the statutory deadline for an interruption of the process, which was extended due to the corona pandemic, expired in January, the court said.

Therefore, the proceedings were suspended.

The negotiation was "not far advanced anyway".


The defendants are accused of having collected around 71.5 million euros with their bus companies through illegal price fixing in tenders for contracts for local public transport in Swabia.

Ministry of Transport through the major transport associations in Bavaria