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TF1 remained at the top of audiences in 2020 despite a further decline, news channels proving the big winners in a year marked by the health crisis and an increase in the time spent in front of the small screen, according to data published on Monday by Médiamétrie.

Over the past year, the organization has recorded overall television viewing time, which takes into account viewing on all screens (telephone, computer, etc.), catching up and away from home, of 3.58 hours per day in average, an increase of 18 minutes compared to 2019, favored in particular by confinements.

As for the channels, the podium remains unchanged, with TF1 on the highest step.

But with an audience share (pda), all categories of viewers combined, of 19.2%, the front page recorded a decline of 0.3 points compared to 2019, when it fell below the bar for the first time. 20%.

It still arrogates to 74 of the 100 most viewed programs in 2020, according to the ranking transmitted by the channel.

In an exceptional year, atypical record: the broadcasts of President Emmanuel Macron's speeches, in the context of the health crisis, broadcast on TF1 and France 2, alone total 18 of the most watched programs of the year.

France 2 retains the second position with a pda of 14.1%, up 0.2 point, ahead of France 3, which gained 0.1 point to 9.4%.

M6 comes close to the podium (+0.1 point to 9%) ahead of France 5 (-0.1 point to 3.5%), TMC (-0.1 point to 3%) and ARTE (+0.3 point at 2.9%), tied with BFMTV (+0.6 point at 2.9%).

Driven by the appetite of the French for extraordinary news, the 24-hour news channel is the fastest growing in the audiovisual landscape, as does CNews, which also gained 0.6 points to become the second channel of its kind with 1, 4% pda.

Relegated to third place, LCI gained 0.2 point to 1.2%, like Franceinfo (0.7%).

Among the other channels, Canal + posted a 1.2% pda, down 0.1 point.

C8 continues to lose ground against TMC, with a pda down 0.3 point to 2.6%, and is neck and neck with W9 (+0.1 point to 2.6%).

Apart from RMC Découverte, stable at 2.3%, no other chain exceeds 2% pda.

France 4, whose shutdown was postponed for a year this summer, recorded a drop of 0.4 point to 1.2%.

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