The training set had 210 grip ball swings and 210 burpets when Kanerva Ahonala ran out.

- It felt like a big man was sitting on my chest.

I cried and thought I couldn’t be in such bad shape, but I pulled the end of the workout, Kanerva recalls.

Until five years ago, a personal trainer trained six times a week with hard beats.

At the same time, Kanerva started out as an entrepreneur.

Then the plane froze.

Mycoplasma was revealed by the doctor, which still caused pneumonia and exercise-induced asthma.

Kanerva had to give up hard training and learn to slow down.

- It was a hard piece at first, but then I realized that the body stays in the pattern even on a calmer ride.

Results slowly and surely

This sounds good: a workout where quality replaces a quantity that feels really good and where you can take breaks when you feel like it.

Many fitness enthusiasts are already familiar with high-heart HIIT workouts, but LIIT - low-impact interval training has risen alongside them.

As its name implies, it means light power interval training.

Unlike short-term but high-heart rate HIIT workouts, the heart rate at the connector stays intentionally low.

In LIIT training, the heart rate is about 60% of the maximum, ie about 135-150 beats per minute for a beginner.

Heart rate limits vary individually.

- A light breath may come, but you have to be able to talk, Kanerva says.

He refutes the general misconception that just a hard workout will bring results.

On the contrary, especially for beginners, calm exercise is the only right way to start.

- When you start slowly, you learn to do the right movements and the risk of injury is reduced.

Motivation also stays better when the workout feels good and the body recovers quickly.

With a steady and calm workout, the results may not be fast, but they are permanent.


 The endorphin drug of hard workouts is often false.

Fat burns just as effectively at low heart rates, as total load matters.

However, a quiet workout needs to be done about twice as long as a hard workout;

hour brisk walk short stretches of jogging to burn as much fat as half an hour's brisk run.

- The endorphin drug of hard workouts is often false.

While the poop brings a momentary feeling of well-being, the body may really need something completely different.

Too much exercise can throw in an imbalance of hormonal activity and metabolism.

Sometimes problems can only come up years later.

The biggest benefit of a steady and calm workout is that it also keeps your metabolism and hormonal activity steady.

When the body burns energy evenly and the stress hormone cortisol stays under control, weight management also becomes easier.

- Too hard a workout can produce too much cortisol, which in turn exposes you to longer-term obesity, for example.

This also makes it harder to burn fat because the body sticks to the fat.

Enhance recovery

Today, Kanerva’s workout palette includes horseback riding, relaxing Yin yoga, and calm but even more effective redcord rope workouts for the body’s supporting muscles.

He has learned to listen to the body and respect its limits.

- I can still do perfect push-ups, even if I don't have as many tubes as before.

Completely Heather has still not recovered.

Sometimes climbing stairs can still cause shortness of breath.

- Now the loans I took out of my body are being repaid.

But I would rather train calmly more often than I would put all my energy into a hard workout.

Calm and shorter workouts are easier to fit into your schedule as well.