Erlangen (dpa) - The supervisory board chairman of the Bundesliga handball team HC Erlangen sharply criticized the corona concept at the World Cup in Egypt and fears consequences for the players.

“I would like the Bundesliga to say unanimously that we don't take the risk and don't release any players.

Everyone would have to participate so that there is no competition and no specific trouble for a club, ”said Carsten Bissel of the“ Süddeutsche Zeitung ”(Monday).

"But we can't do that."

The problem is that officials are in a conflict of interest because of offices in the league and in the German Handball Federation and “possibly soon also in the international handball association”.

The Bundesliga is currently interrupting its game operations for the World Cup, which will take place in Egypt from January 13th to 31st.

"The alleged bubble in Cairo is a joke," said Bissel.

«You get the feeling that the organizers in Egypt are not interested in a real hygiene concept.

They will even allow spectators, what madness. "

In the provisional squad of national coach Alfred Gislason there are two professionals from Erlangen: Antonio Metzner and Sebastian Firnhaber.

In addition, the Franconians play at least three other players from other nations.

It is irresponsible and “madness” to send players to Egypt at the moment, said Bissel.

«I am of the opinion that those who are responsible for this have to be politically and legally responsible if a disaster occurs.

First and foremost, those at the DHB who are responsible for the national team. "

Due to corona cases in the teams, various Bundesliga games could not take place as planned.


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