The strained situation for Swedish healthcare has not eased.

On the contrary, the number of covid patients continues to increase and now 600 people are cared for, of which 59 in intensive care, in the Scanian hospitals.

In Helsingborg, the hospital is preparing for a continued increase in covid patients after the Christmas and New Year holidays.

- There is nothing to indicate a reduction.

We are at a constant high load so we are a little worried that it will increase slightly now after the weekends, says Håkan Kerrén, chief of staff and head of emergency care at Helsingborg Hospital.

Opens a new covid department

Another covid ward is now opening at the hospital in Helsingborg, and when the wards are fully staffed, the hospital will be able to receive about 125 corona patients.

Do you have staff to staff these places?

- It is difficult, because the staff also gets sick and we have a very high sickness absence.

We are looking for employees all the time who can come in and work and we change the staffing structure for ordinary care a bit to solve it.

Hear Håkan Kerrén, Chief of Staff, tell more about the strained situation in healthcare in Skåne in the clip above.