Greifswald (dpa / mv) - As a result of the Brexit, the Friedrich Loeffler Institute (FLI) near Greifswald, Northern Ireland, will in future be helping to clarify animal diseases.

The FLI announced on Monday that it will take over the task of a national reference laboratory for certain animal diseases for the country.

Before that, Northern Ireland had used laboratories in England, for example, explained FLI spokeswoman Elke Reinking.

Because of the future special status of Northern Ireland, these laboratories would no longer be available.

With the Brexit trade pact agreed between the EU and Great Britain, Northern Ireland remains more closely tied to the EU than the rest of the UK.

Like EU member states, the country needs specified reference laboratories for notifiable animal diseases.

Specifically, the FLI is to take over the diagnosis of bluetongue, classic and African swine fever.

If there were suspected cases after initial examinations in Northern Ireland, the FLI would, if necessary, officially confirm the cases on the basis of samples.

The cooperation between the FLI in Germany and the federal states is similar.

Support from another country is not uncommon, according to Reinking.

Such cooperation had already existed with Poland, for example.


Communication from the FLI