About 12,000 new entrants will begin their service today.

Approximately 9,500 recruits will begin their service in the National Armed Forces, and the rest will be divided into the troops of the Navy, Air Force and Border Guard.

The Pori Brigade, the Karelian Brigade and the Kainuu Brigade receive the largest number of newcomers.

The corona pandemic is reflected in the training of beginners, for example, by the fact that compliance with hygiene guidelines is monitored particularly closely.

Due to the pandemic, visits to garrison areas will also be restricted.

Conscripts' insurance and swearing-in events can be followed via a free online broadcast.

Due to the corona pandemic, the training times for beginners have also been adjusted.

Starting conscripts and training personnel are generally divided into three groups, each of which, in the six-week beginner period, is in turn four weeks in training and two weeks off.

The first week of the beginner period will be for everyone on the service.

Such a practice has been followed since last March.

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