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new corona19 confirmed patients has decreased to 600.

Hopefully this decline will continue even after the holiday season, so today (3rd) will start with the SBS New Year's Poll.

This is the result of a separate survey of only voters living in Seoul ahead of the Seoul Mayor's by-election in April.

The preference for candidates for the Mayor of Seoul was highest with Ahn Chul-soo, followed by Minister Park Young-sun and former Mayor Oh Se-hoon.

First, reporter Kim Soo-young.


Among the people mentioned as candidates for the Mayor of Seoul by-election in April, I asked who he thought was the best.

Ahn Cheol-soo, the representative of the National Assembly Party, 24.1%, Park Young-sun, Minister of Small and Medium Venture Business, 15.3%, Oh Se-hoon, former mayor of Seoul, 9.5%, Attorney General Chu Miae, 6.8%, and former lawmaker Na Kyung-won 6.3%.

The difference between CEO Ahn Chul-soo and Minister Park Young-seon is 8.8 percentage points, which is outside the margin of error.

Following the Democratic Party's Park Ju-min, Rep. Woo Sang-ho, 4.1%, former lawmaker Tae-seop Geum, 2.7%, Seocho-gu headman Cho Eun-hee, 1.3%, and People's Power, Yoon Hee-suk 1.2%.

CEO Ahn Cheol-soo was especially chosen by 43.9% of the supporters of the people's strength.

This time, we asked who was the best candidate for the mayor of Seoul among the pan-passport figures.

Park Young-seon 18.4%, Chu Miae 7.7%, Woo Sang-ho 5.8%, Park Ju-min 5.1%.

Rep. Kim Jin-ae of the Open Democratic Party was 2.2%.

The most frequent response was'No', with 55.2%.

In order to examine the opinions of the passport supporters separately, considering only the respondents who would support the passport candidate in case of a bilateral confrontation, 34.1% chose Minister Park Young-seon, followed by Mi-ae Chu 15.7%, Park Ju-min 10.6%, and Woo Sang-ho 10%. Appeared.

The suitability of the pan-opposition candidates was 26.9% Ahn, Se-Hoon Oh 12.1%, Gyeong-won Na 7.4%, and Tae-seop Geum 3.7%.

Following the survey, Eun-hee Cho (2.7%), Hye-hoon Lee (2.3%), and Hee-Suk Yoon (1.3%) were surveyed, and'None' (36.8%).

Among the respondents who said they would support the opposition candidates in the bilateral confrontation, 42.5% of the respondents chose Ahn.

Oh, the former mayor was followed by 16%, and the former lawmaker at 11.7%.

(Video editing: Lee So-young)  

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Passport 32.5%-Opposition 43.7%