Butcher's shop (illustration) -

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Red paint, as fake blood.

A butcher in the Jolimont district, in Toulouse, found the front of his store this week, targeted by antispeciesists.

On the images he shared on social networks, there is no doubt about the antispeciesist ideas of the authors of these acts of vandalism.

The latter tagged near his shop "Foie gras = force-feeding = torture".

Demonstrating graffiti signed with the acronym ALF, for Animal Liberation Front, animal rights activists.

This is the third time in a year that this merchant from the Jolimont district has been targeted by animal activists.

Since several animals, butcheries are regularly targeted by antispeciesists.

The latter also sometimes organize animal releases, as was the case a few years ago when activists broke into the premises of INRA Toulouse to release rabbits.


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