(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) The Philippines implements temporary entry bans on 21 countries and regions including the United States

  China News Agency, Manila, January 2 (Reporter Guan Xiangdong)) In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus variant to the Philippines, on January 2 local time, the Philippine Immigration Bureau announced that it would temporarily ban American travelers from entering the country from 0:00 on January 3.

U.S. travelers who have previously arrived in the Philippines who meet the entry requirements are still allowed to enter, but will enter the one-stop service center for 14 days of quarantine.

  The United States is included in the temporary travel ban list by the Philippines after 20 countries and regions including the United Kingdom.

  On December 23, Philippine President Duterte approved the suspension of flights from the United Kingdom from December 24 to 31.

On December 29, Duterte approved the extension of all travel bans from or transiting through the United Kingdom to January 15, 2021, and included 19 other countries and regions on the temporary travel ban list, including Denmark, Ireland, Japan, Australia, Israel, Netherlands, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Switzerland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Lebanon, Singapore, Sweden, South Korea, South Africa, Canada, Spain.

  According to the new regulations announced by the Philippine Immigration Bureau on the 2nd, passengers who only transit from countries and regions covered by the travel ban and only stay at the airport during the transit period will be allowed to enter the Philippines.

However, if the passenger leaves the airport or passes the immigration inspections of 21 countries and regions, they will be barred from entering the Philippines.

  In addition, travelers visiting these 21 countries and regions 14 days before arriving in the Philippines will also be barred from entering the country.

  The Philippine Immigration Department requires that foreign travelers from 21 countries and regions with travel bans must comply with the entry guidelines of the Philippine Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) for the Management of New Infectious Diseases.

Even if the RT-PCR test result is negative, they must still be isolated for 14 days for medical observation.

  At the same time, Filipino citizens from these 21 places can still enter the Philippines, but even if the RT-PCR test result is negative, they must strictly complete the 14-day isolation and observation requirements set by the government.

  According to the latest data from the Philippine Ministry of Health on January 2, the Philippines has newly confirmed 1,097 new cases of new crowns, with a total of 476,916 confirmed; 5 new deaths, with a total of 9,253 deaths; 47 cases of recovery, and a total of 439,942 cases.

The Philippine Ministry of Health stated that there have been no cases of the new coronavirus variant in the country.