Do 3-4 laps depending on your fitness.

Be sure to listen to your body and take breaks if necessary.

Avoid hesitation - even in this species, quality replaces quantity.

1. Step squat in place

Position yourself in a squat position: right leg in front, ankle directly below the knee, and left leg extended to the back.

Keep your hands on your hips and stretch your left knee towards the floor and straight for 30 seconds.

Rest for 30 seconds, change left foot forward and flex right foot for 30 seconds.

Work out: legs and middle body

2. Sumo squat with elasticity

Stand on a branch wider than your hips with your toes and knees pointing forward.

Squat with the inhale butt as low as possible.

Check that the feet and knees stay in line throughout the movement.

Get up halfway and squat down again.

Get up until you exhale.

Repeat calmly and with good technique for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds.

Work out: legs and middle body

3. Plank walking in the armrest

Put yourself in a push-up position: hands straight, wrists under shoulders, knees on the ground.

Keep your middle body tight and lower your right forearm to the ground, then your left.

Straighten the right hand back straight into the ground of the palm, then the left.

Continue this "stepping" with your hands alternately for 30 seconds.

Maintain good mid-body support throughout the movement and allow breathing to flow freely.

Check that your back stays straight and your hips in place even when your hands are moving.

Rest for 30 seconds.

Exercise: arms, back and abdominal muscles

4. Corner rowing with extra weights

Stand with your feet at the width of your hips, place an elastic band under your right foot and hold the band with your right hand.

You can also make a movement with, for example, a bottle of water or some other extra weight in your right hand.

Bend your back straight forward, push your hips far back.

Lean your left hand on your left knee, keep your knees slightly hooked and your middle body tight.

Exhale, pull your right elbow to the back near the side.

Feel the movement in the right stage, stretcher and middle body.

With inhalation, bring your hand down.

Keep your chest straight forward throughout the movement and avoid turning your shoulder forward.

Repeat for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds and do the same amount with the other hand.

Work out: shoulders, stretchers and middle body

5. Cross climb of a mountaineer

Get into a push-up position: arms straight, wrists under shoulders.

Keep your entire body and legs straight, knees in the air.

Maintain good mid-body support and pull the knee under the abdomen towards the opposite elbow.

Return to starting position and repeat with the other leg.

Continue to move for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds.

Work out: full body, middle body and oblique abdominal muscles

Liit training week

Monday: LIIT link

Tuesday: LIIT home workout

Wednesday: Body care and light walking 30-45 min.

Thursday: LIIT home training

Friday: LIIT loop.

You can also replace it with a hill or fitness stair workout: walk up and down 5 to 10 times calmly up or down the hill or fitness ladder.

As your fitness grows, you can increase the multiplier, but still keep your heart rate low.

Saturday: rest day

Sunday: body care and light walking 30-60 min.

Connect loop

10 min.


+ 2 min.

light jogging

+ 2 min.


Continue alternating jogging and walking for 20 minutes.

Finally, cool off with a 10-minute walk.

At home, do light stretches on the shoulder area and legs.

The program was designed by personal trainer Kanerva Ahonala, Punavuori Health Club.