Few of us are spared as the wind turns cold last and the temperature drops close to zero from the annual phenomenon where facial skin dries and flakes.

At worst, the skin may feel stinging and may even crack.

No matter how many moisturizers and oils are applied to the skin, nothing seems to help.

In this case, it may be a weakening of the protective layer of the skin, reminds the beauty site Byrdie.

Here's how to make sure your coat stays in good condition even in the worst of frost:

Take care of your own protective layer

The skin's protective layer consists of ceramides, fatty acids and lipids, which together protect the skin from extreme weather conditions as well as harmful bacteria.

The protective layer also binds moisture to itself and prevents it from evaporating from the skin.

In addition to varying winter conditions, the condition of the protective layer is tested by face masks, too acidic care products and UV radiation.

In order not to strain the protective layer, at least due to skin care products, there is less in the winter, especially for detergents.

Make sure that the facial cleanser does not contain alkaline sulfates that do not balance the pH of the skin, which further dries the skin.

Atopik Hydrate series cleansing gel is an effective but really gentle cleanser, € 18.50 / 200 ml.Photo: Atopik

More building materials

The protective layer is strengthened when protective and building substances that already occur naturally are added to the skin through care products.

Ceramic face creams patch cracks in the protective layer, and good fatty acids and squalane-filled vegetable oils mimic the skin's own oils.

Lumene Arctic Hydra Care Day Cream, applied to the skin half an hour before outdoor use, is rich in oat, blueberry and rapeseed oils.

In addition to moisturizing, the cream protects the skin against drying caused by temperature fluctuations, 26.90 € / 50 ml.Image: Lumene

Makethemake's Omega Stick Foundation is packed full of ingredients that effectively moisturize the skin and strengthen its protective layer, such as squalane and white lily seed oil, 25 € / 10 g.Photo: Skincity

Try face oil

In order for a carefully made treatment routine to work, it is a good idea to lock the active ingredients on the face in the last step, which is essential for winter skin care.

The last facial oil applied to the skin ensures that the products under it are sure to be absorbed into the skin and prevent them from evaporating from the face.

If facial oils are yet to be tried, jojoba oil is an easy way to get started.

The light oil imitates the skin's own soap and does not support the skin pores and is suitable for both acne-prone and sensitive skin.

Avril Organic Jojoba Oil is just a matter of time.

From the spray can, the oil is easy to apply in a thin layer on the skin as the last stage of skin care, € 20.90 / 100 ml. Photo: Avril Organic