In the United States, the Court of Appeals has authorized the execution of the country’s only federal female prisoner on death row, says the BBC.

If Lisa Montgomery is executed in just over a week, she will become the first woman in nearly 70 years to be executed by federal order in the United States.

Montgomery was sentenced to death after she was killed in 2004 by strangling an eighth-hearted pregnant woman in Missouri and cutting a baby out of a woman’s belly to capture it for herself.

Montgomery’s attorneys say she has a brain injury that the woman suffered from repeated assaults as a child and therefore does not understand her actions.

Federal executions were frozen for 17 years before President Donald Trump ordered them to resume last year. In addition to Montgomery, Trump plans to execute two more people, although a second round of appeals is underway. If the rest of the planned executions materialize, more people will have been executed during Trump than under any president for more than a century.