Take a good first step in building a new development pattern (authoritative interview·take a good first step and see the new atmosphere①)

  ——Interview with Ning Jizhe, Deputy Director of the National Development and Reform Commission and Director of the National Bureau of Statistics

  2021 is a year of special importance in the process of my country's modernization drive, and doing economic work well is of great significance.

How to "take a good first step and see the new atmosphere" in building a new development pattern?

The reporter interviewed Ning Jizhe, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission and director of the National Bureau of Statistics.

  Confidence, foundation, and confidence to promote sustained economic recovery and stable development

  Reporter: In 2020, my country will overcome severe challenges and become the only major economy in the world to achieve positive economic growth.

How to view the current economic situation?

  Ning Jizhe: In 2020, in the face of the severe and complex international situation, the arduous and arduous tasks of domestic reform, development and stability, especially the severe impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, all ethnic groups in the country The people fought in unity and handed in an answer sheet that was satisfied with the people and attracted the attention of the world.

The main goals and tasks of economic and social development in 2020 have been completed. The main goals and tasks of the "13th Five-Year Plan" have come to a successful conclusion, and the victory of building a well-off society in all respects is in sight.

  The "three firsts" are attracting worldwide attention.

In 2020, my country will coordinate the promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, take the lead in controlling the epidemic, resuming work and production, and taking the lead in realizing economic growth from negative to positive.

my country’s economic growth rate is expected to reach about 2% in 2020, making it the only major economy in the world to achieve positive economic growth.

  Three strengths have jumped to a new level.

Economic strength has risen sharply. It is estimated that in 2020, the GDP will exceed 100 trillion yuan, and the per capita GDP will exceed 10,000 US dollars for two consecutive years.

Scientific and technological strength has been continuously strengthened, and significant progress has been made in lunar exploration projects, deep-sea exploration, Beidou navigation, quantum computing, large aircraft manufacturing, and 5G construction.

The overall national strength has increased significantly, grain output has remained above 1.3 trillion catties for six consecutive years, and the scale of manufacturing has ranked first in the world for 11 consecutive years.

  At present, there are many uncertainties in the changes of the epidemic and the external environment. The foundation of my country's economic recovery is not yet solid, but my country's development is still in a period of important strategic opportunities. We have the confidence, foundation, and confidence to promote sustained economic recovery and stable development.

  Confidence comes from the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, the decision-making and deployment of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party and the Central Economic Work Conference, and the advantages of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics.

  The foundation comes from the fact that my country has a complete production system, complete supporting capacity, sound infrastructure, and strong supply capacity; there are 1.4 billion people, more than 400 million middle-income groups, and a large-scale domestic demand market; 900 million labor Age population, 200 million skilled workers, both demographic dividend and talent dividend, plus the dividend of reform and opening up.

  The confidence comes from a better combination of effective markets and promising government.

my country's macroeconomic governance capabilities continue to improve, and its experience in macroeconomic control continues to be enriched.

Especially in 2020, in the face of severe challenges, my country's macroeconomic policies are timely, accurate, powerful and effective, which has promoted economic stability and recovery.

  Twist the main line of supply-side structural reform and accelerate the construction of a new development pattern

  Reporter: The Central Economic Work Conference requires the establishment of a new development pattern in 2021 to "take a good first step and see the new atmosphere."

To this end, what work will the National Development and Reform Commission focus on?

  Ning Jizhe: Constructing a new development pattern is a strategic choice for advancing with the times to improve my country's economic development level, and it is also a strategic choice for shaping my country's new advantages in international economic cooperation and competition.

Around the central economic work conference deployment, the National Development and Reform Commission will focus on five aspects of work.

  First, focus on improving the quality of the supply system.

Tightly hold on to the main line of supply-side structural reform, and focus on shortcomings such as technological innovation.

In terms of the layout of the innovation system, we will vigorously promote the construction of comprehensive national science centers such as Huairou, Zhangjiang, Hefei, and support Beijing, Shanghai, and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to accelerate the formation of international technological innovation centers.

In terms of building an independent, safe and controllable industrial chain supply chain, we will implement key core technology research projects to solve a number of "stuck neck" problems as soon as possible.

  Second, effectively strengthen demand-side management.

Adhere to the strategic basis of expanding domestic demand and promote the formation of a strong domestic market.

On the one hand, dig deeper into consumption potential.

Efforts will be made to tap the potential of new types of consumption, formulate and promulgate the "Implementation Plan for Accelerating the Cultivation of New Types of Consumption", orderly abolish some administrative restrictions on consumer purchases, and promote the standardization and branding of services such as elderly care, childcare and housekeeping.

On the other hand, expand effective investment around the "two new and one heavy".

  Third, comprehensively promote reform and opening up.

In terms of market-oriented reforms, we formulated and promulgated an action plan for building a high-standard market system, implemented the newly revised negative list for market access, and deepened the reform of “delegation, regulation, and service”; implemented the three-year reform of state-owned enterprises to optimize the development environment of the private economy; Deepen price reform in key areas; do a good job in anti-monopoly and unfair competition related work.

In terms of high-level opening up, we will implement the new version of the negative list for foreign investment access and the catalog of industries that encourage foreign investment, and strive to promote the high-quality development of the “Belt and Road”.

  Fourth, promote green development in depth.

Focusing on achieving the mid- and long-term goals of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, relevant safeguard measures have been formulated and implemented.

Accelerate the adjustment and optimization of the industrial structure and energy structure, and promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional high-energy-consuming industries such as steel, petrochemical, and chemical industries.

Strictly control the intensity of energy consumption, greatly improve energy utilization efficiency, and improve the level of safe, stable and reliable energy supply.

Speed ​​up the improvement of economic policies that are conducive to green and low-carbon development, and enhance the carbon sequestration capacity of natural ecosystems such as grasslands, green spaces, lakes, and wetlands.

  Fifth, do a solid job of people's livelihood.

Strengthen employment assistance for key groups such as college graduates and migrant workers, and better play the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in driving employment.

Study and formulate implementation plans for expanding middle-income groups.

In response to issues of common concern to the masses such as "one old, one small" and housing security, research and put forward more targeted measures.

Do a good job in ensuring the supply and price of grain, oil, meat, egg, vegetable, coal, electricity, oil, and gas transportation to ensure the basic living conditions of residents.

  Scientifically and accurately implement macro policies, and strive to keep the economy operating within a reasonable range

  Reporter: The Central Economic Work Conference proposed that the 2021 macro policy "must maintain continuity, stability and sustainability."

How to understand this policy orientation?

  Ning Jizhe: Maintaining the continuity, stability, and sustainability of macroeconomic policies, scientifically and accurately implementing macroeconomic policies, striving to keep the economy operating within a reasonable range, and ensuring a good start of the "14th Five-Year Plan" are important issues of the Central Economic Work Conference. Decision to deploy.

  One is to grasp the direction of macroeconomic policies, maintain policy continuity, and maintain the necessary support for economic recovery.

A proactive fiscal policy must improve quality and efficiency, be more sustainable, and maintain moderate spending intensity.

A prudent monetary policy must be flexible, precise, reasonable and appropriate, and maintain the growth rate of money supply and social financing scale basically matching the nominal economic growth rate.

The employment priority policy should continue to be strengthened, to increase efficiency, expand the scale of urban employment, and control the unemployment rate.

  The second is to grasp the timeliness and effectiveness of macro policies, maintain policy stability, and avoid sharp turns.

As my country's economic operations gradually return to normal, macroeconomic policies will gradually return to normal, and some temporary relief policies must be withdrawn safely.

However, we must continue to do a solid job of the "six stability" and fully implement the "six guarantees" task.

In terms of stabilizing market entities' policies, such as the deferred principal and interest payment policy for inclusive small and micro enterprise loans and the credit loan support plan, continue to be implemented.

In terms of investment policy, it is necessary to actively do a good job in special bond projects and strive to create more physical workloads.

  The third is to grasp the rhythm of the macro policy, maintain the sustainability of the policy, and make overall arrangements.

This requires macroeconomic policies to handle the current and long-term relationships, needs and possibilities, economic recovery, and risk prevention.

It is necessary to grasp the status of fiscal revenue and expenditure, credit revenue and expenditure, and maintain the basic stability of the macro leverage ratio.

Macro-control should pay more attention to deepening reform and opening up to increase development momentum, and promote economic development to shift to an innovation-driven, endogenous growth track.

  Reporter Li Xinping