The turn of the year was not like previous years a "battle", says Jan Struijs of the Dutch Police Association on Friday morning.

However, the riot police had to rip out in different places and there were a striking number of car fires, according to a tour of along the safety regions.

Incidents took place throughout the country, but there were no major disturbances or fires.

The police mainly had to turn out for the illegal setting off of fireworks, illegal parties and arson, according to Struijs.

Because of corona people were not allowed to meet in large groups and the fireworks ban was also partly set to prevent gathering.

"That has not always been successful", says Struijs.

"The main objective has been achieved", he thinks.

"That was to relieve worry."

The fireworks ban has had "a positive effect" in that sense.

What also struck him was that many people reported incidents to the police.

Because there were also many police officers on their feet during the night, action could be taken quickly and worse could be prevented, Struijs explains.

Aggression was also regularly used against social workers, whether or not by people under the influence.

"In combination with alcohol and drugs, people are sometimes limitless", says Struijs in the

NOS Radio 1 Journaal.

"There was a lot of violence again, lots of fireworks and stones that were thrown at the police officers and firefighters".


Unrest during New Year's Eve: police pelted and damage after explosions

Three police officers injured at party in Arnhem

In some places in the country the riot police had to be deployed, for example in Utrecht, where a group of young people pelted the police with stones.

The riot police also had to come into play in Katwijk because young people pelted aid workers with stones and fireworks.

In Arnhem, three officers were injured when stones were thrown at them during the end of a party.

The visitors and the organizer of the party have been fined.

The fire brigade had a busy night in Central and West Brabant, especially extinguishing car fires.

According to the Safety Region, there were "more car fires in the region than in previous years".

The fire brigade in Friesland says it has turned out less often than in previous years.

Wim Kleinhuis of the Fryslân Safety Region does say that it is more striking than last year that "more than last year, our people have been bothered here and there by bystanders when carrying out their work".

It is not yet known exactly how many incidents and arrests there were during the turn of the year, which the national police will announce later on New Year's Day.