Kai Knudsen and his colleagues are now not alone in seeing inaccuracies in the Swedish Public Health Agency's vaccine priorities.

For GP, Sahlgrenska's chairman Gustaf Josefson (M) says that an outbreak of covid-19 among important staff groups in, among other things, inpatient care would be "almost a disaster".

Kai Knudsen says he understands that they want to protect those in risk groups, but that it is more important to now protect the healthcare staff.

Isn't it a bit selfish to think like this?

- You might think so, but it is extremely stressful in intensive care and we can not afford for more people to get sick and drop out, says Kai Knudsen.

The staff ends up in group two

In the strategy that is now being followed, people in nursing homes and home care, people in elderly care and those who live with someone who has home care are first vaccinated.

Only then, in the second group, care staff come together with people around 70 years, so-called 70-plus people.

- For everyone's sake, we should ensure that we can keep up the care places that will now be needed by vaccinating our employees earlier than what the Public Health Agency has planned, says Sahlgrenska's chairman Gustaf Josefson (M) to GP.

The number of patients forced into hospital care continues to increase, the expected plateau has not materialized, and the pressure on staff remains high.