Schweinfurt (dpa / lby) - Two men broke into a coffee machine shop in Schweinfurt - apparently not knowing that the fire and rescue service control center is in the rooms above.

According to the police, an employee of the control center noticed suspicious noises on Wednesday night and discovered the intruders when looking out the window.

He alerted the police.

When the police cars arrived, the two intruders started a risky escape in a high-powered luxury car.

You rest on the A70, A7 and A3 to Würzburg and Kitzingen and finally on the A3 towards Frankfurt.

They tried to escape on foot at the Fronberg rest stop.

The police caught a 23-year-old there.

The accomplice escaped.

The men stole three coffee machines worth around 5,000 euros in the shop and caused around 10,000 euros in damage to the door.