Berlin (dpa) - Baden-Württemberg's minister of education, Susanne Eisenmann, reiterates her call for kindergartens and elementary schools to open again from January 11th.

This decision should be made by Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the Prime Minister at their conference on Tuesday, the CDU politician demanded in the "Bild" newspaper (Wednesday).

She said: “Even if the lockdown is extended beyond January 10, daycare centers and primary schools should reopen for classroom teaching.

In these age groups, it is essential that children go to daycare centers and learn in schools. ”

Eisenmann emphasized that the learning success is greatest in lessons at school.

«In this crisis we have to listen to virologists as well as to paediatricians and child psychologists.

And they tell us that the long-term consequences for children from closed schools are enormous, ”she said.


SPD leader Saskia Esken rated Eisenmann's proposal in an interview with the Funke media group as “downright irresponsible”.

SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach had also spoken out against a return to normal school operations after January 10th.

«After the lockdown, there must be no return to regular classroom teaching.

Mask, airing plus 30 children is not possible, otherwise there is a risk of exponential growth in the number of infections, ”Lauterbach told the Rheinische Post.

He called for "nationwide divided classes, additional support for those with learning difficulties, mandatory masking in the school buildings without exception and shortened summer holidays to compensate for the deficits".

The German Child Protection Association recently called for shortened summer holidays and in return for an extension of the Christmas holidays until the end of January.

The head of the education union GEW, Marlies Tepe, called for clarification quickly.

"Day care centers, schools and universities need time to prepare," said Tepe of the "Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung".

However, one should not ignore the fact that "no distance can be kept in the classrooms and in the schoolyards".

Tepe demands: "In the current situation, however, only alternating lessons in small groups can be combined with health protection, which is what we are calling for, as is the Robert Koch Institute."