Offenbach / Berlin (dpa) - According to preliminary figures from the German Weather Service (DWD), Berlin was by far the warmest federal state in 2020.

The experts in Offenbach calculated an annual mean temperature of 11.4 degrees, which was significantly more than the long-term mean (9.1 degrees).

But the DWD also gave a temperature of 11.4 degrees for the Saarland.

The average temperature across Germany was 10.4 degrees, as the DWD announced on Wednesday.

With around 492 liters of rain per square meter, the capital (long-term average: 573 l / m²) was also the driest region.

The DWD also gave a temperature of 11.4 for the Saarland.

In 2020, Brandenburg reported a temperature of 10.8 degrees, with precipitation around 499 liters per square meter.

The DWD from Brandenburg reported a peculiarity: For the first time in August, Potsdam reported temperatures of over 30 degrees on 15 days.

«The very warm year 2020 must not leave us indifferent.

The scientific climate facts of the national weather service are alarming.

Climate protection is the order of the day.

We have to act now, ”said Tobias Fuchs, DWD's Climate Director, with a view to Germany-wide values.


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