The list of names of the Finnish under-20 World Cup team includes several familiar surnames, which were already seen in the early 2000s in the NHL, national team and the Finnish Champions League.

The fathers of five players from the Young Lions group once played a significant career in either the international or domestic arenas.

Experience was gained from the international top and from European main series hockey.

Ilta-Sanomat is now presenting the top second hockey players of the Young Lions.

It seems strongly that the boy's knee is getting better.

The potential of these players is enough until the NHL.

Anton Lundell

Age group gems in the world.

Anton Lundell is one of the best players in the Edmonton Youth World Championships, who is expected to do his feats.

Become a star player in the Finnish Championship.

Next season is ahead of the NHL conquest.

In the future, a potential second center at the NHL level.

The player’s father, Jan Lundell, never made his debut at the national team level, but he has a handsome and long league career behind him.

Jan Lundell defeated as many as 16 seasons in the SM League before he ended his career in spring 2012.

Lundell, 47, was still back between the poles with a quick alert last January as he chased a sick Atte Engren.

Lundell replaced Frans Tuohimaa in the final minutes with a minute and six seconds left in the match.

At the same time, Lundel became the oldest player in SM league history when he played at the age of 46 and blocked one shot.

The fact that Anton Lundell played in the same match brought its own tone to the historic evening.

Captain Anton Lundell of the Young Lions on the move at the Finland-Switzerland Hockey Championships under the age of 20 on December 27, 2020. Photo: Pasi Mennander / Hockey Association

Jan Lundell guards HIFK's goal against Tappara 2010.Photo: Ari-Veikko Peltonen

Juuso Pärssinen

The most talked about promise of the Persian puck family.

In addition to Juuso Pärssinen, a year younger Jiri, who plays as a defender in Tappara, cools down in the league seats.

In addition, the puck family includes Julius, born in 2006, and Jesse, born in 2007.

Juuso is the one who has an NHL career.

Risen in a few years from TPS juniors to the core players of the representative team.

Frame and playful two-way expert.

In the responsible role of the second center on the youth World Cup ice.

Father Timo Pärssinen is remembered as a tenacious and effective winger who won two World Championship silver medals in the Lions shirt.

In the Finnish Championships, Pärssinen made a particularly hard mark in HPK and HIFK.

He also went to test his limits in the NHL, where 17 matches came to his account in the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim shirt.

Juuso Pärssinen in the Finland-Germany World Championships under the age of 20 on December 26, 2020. Photo: Pasi Mennander / Hockey Association

Timo Pärssinen celebrated the goal for the Russian network in 2005. Photo: Antti Johansson / HS

Roby Järventie

The tall-skinned Tampere resident has risen to the attention of the general public in the Finnish Champions League this season.

Punched one of the most talked about yellow beaks in the Finnish Championship, a slightly different route, as last season Järventie marinated with great responsibility in Moves' Koovee.

A purebred finisher that sows destruction with its fast-tuning shot.

Frames, a heavy shot, and a straightforward style of play herald a career in the NHL.

The family's NHL game record will be broken, as Father Martti Järventie played exactly one NHL match in his career.

Known as a defensive defender, Järventie put on the legendary Montreal Canadiens jersey in the 2001-02 season.

With the exception of that season, the entire professional career went smoothly in Europe.

Roby Järventie at Ilves' rehearsals in autumn 2020. Photo: Ossi Ahola

Martti Järventie at the door of Ilves' locker room in 2002.Photo: Reijo Hietanen

Roni Hirvonen

Young Lions No. 1 chain bearers, who established their place in the Finnish Championship League at the age of 17.

I grew a disc mill in Espoo.

Hirvonen's versatile skill bank has the opportunity to build a career in the NHL.

A compact skill striker, but replaces the missing cents with game boldness and intelligence.

The NHL booking number tells you about the potential of an insightful young player.

The apple has fallen far from the tree, as Father Timo Hirvonen is remembered from the Finnish Championship League as a reliable dunner striker who tore and grabbed his rough style of play in the lower chains.

Roni Hirvonen (third from right) in the Swiss match at the World Youth Championships 27.12.2020Photo: Jason Franson / Zuma / mvphotos

Blues 'Timo Hirvonen celebrated his hit with the Jokers' network in 2005. Photo: ARI-VEIKKO PELTONEN

Samuel Helenius

Positive surprises of the autumn season on league ice.

The promising striker, who moved from Joker juniors to Jyväskylä, immediately broke into the ranks of JYP's credit strikers.

The stretching center has taken big strides in recent years.

Booked for the NHL only next summer, so this season and the ongoing Youth World Cup are important venues.

Specializing in being a two-way expert who can be thrown on the field as a stellar overcoat and kill giants.

The frames are very similar to each other, but that’s where the similarities between son and father actually remain.

Father Sami Helenius literally cleared the road from the farm league to the NHL with his fists.

The witty defender played a total of 155 NHL matches and collected 260 ice minutes.

Samuel Helenius (right) on the swing at the World Youth Championships against Switzerland on December 27, 2020. Photo: Jason Franson / Zuma / Mvphotos

Sami Helenius in the Jokers shirt in autumn 2003. Photo: Matti Björkman / Lehtikuva

Second Generation Young Lions

Anton Lundell

Born: October 3, 2001 in Espoo

Length / weight: 185 cm / 86 kg

Game location: center forward (left)

Society: HIFK

NHL Reservation: Florida Panthers, Round 1 (12th Player), 2020

Juuso Pärssinen

Born: February 1, 2001 in Hämeenlinna

Length / weight: 190 cm / 90 kg

Game location: center forward (left)

Society: TPS

NHL Reservation: Nashville Predators, Round 7 (210th Player), 2019

Roby Järventie

Born: August 8, 2002 in Tampere

Length / weight: 191 cm / 90 kg

Venue: winger (left)

Society: Lynx

NHL reservation: Ottawa Senators, 2nd round (33rd player), 2020

Roni Hirvonen

Born: January 10, 2002 in Espoo

Length / weight: 176 cm / 78 kg

Venue: Center / Winger (left)

Society: Aces

NHL Reservation: Toronto Maple Leafs, Round 2 (59th Player), 2020

Samuel Helenius

Born: November 26, 2002 in Järvenpää

Length / weight: 199 cm / 91 kg

Game location: center forward (left)

Society: JYP

NHL booking: summer 2021