Hamburg (dpa) - The mood in the travel industry and in the hospitality industry in northern Germany has deteriorated drastically due to the corona pandemic.

In the travel industry, the climate index presented by the IHK Nord on Tuesday fell from 108.5 to 20.9 points compared to the previous year.

In the hospitality industry, the index fell from 132 to 64 points.

According to the IHK, around 1200 companies took part in the survey in October.

Most companies in the hospitality industry do not expect a return to normal until the second half of 2021, and those in the travel industry even later.

"If there is no longer normality in the catering, hotel and event organizers at Easter, then a lot of companies and their employees will no longer be able to hold out economically," warned Bernhard Brons, the President of the Chamber of Commerce for East Friesland and Papenburg.

The companies need a perspective.

These included digital tools, a Corona seal, as introduced by Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, to a test strategy.

"We must gradually come to an opening as soon as the infection process allows it," emphasized Brons.

It is said that four out of five companies in the travel industry and two thirds of the catering businesses expected miserable business prospects in the near future.

After the lockdown in spring, the hospitality industry was able to achieve important sales, especially in the holiday regions.

But the prospects are bleak.

"Every fifth company feared a drop in sales of more than 50 percent in the autumn," said IHK North Managing Director Alexander Anders.

The lockdown light and the lockdown that is now in force have made the situation even worse.

"That will be at the expense of jobs and investments."


The travel industry is currently lacking any business basis.

85.8 percent of the companies rated the past season as bad.

Three quarters of the travel agencies and tour operators expected a decline in sales of more than 50 percent.