A Boeing 737 Max.


Mike Simons / AP / SIPA

American Airlines is scheduled to make the first commercial flight in the United States of the Boeing 737 MAX this Tuesday between Miami and New York.

The aircraft was grounded for twenty months after two crashes that killed 346 people.

The plane is scheduled to take off from Miami at 10:32 a.m. (3.32 p.m. GMT) and land at New York's La Guardia Airport at around 1:30 p.m. (6.30 p.m. GMT), a spokeswoman for the AFP told AFP. 'American Airlines.

About a hundred passengers must board, she said.

A green light given on November 18

The plane will then make the return flight to Miami, which is “full”, according to the spokesperson, and will perform the same rotation on Wednesday December 30 and Thursday 31.

On November 18, the United States Aviation Agency (FAA) cleared the 737 MAX for re-flight after months of inspection and revelations about the chaotic development and certification of this aircraft, which accounted for the bulk of Boeing's profits. before accidents.

Soon flights to Europe and Canada?

The very first commercial flight of the Boeing 737 MAX since March 10, 2019, however, took place on December 9 in Brazil, between Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre.

It had been operated by the Brazilian low cost company Gol, after the green light from the local aviation authorities.

The European Union and Canada should in turn authorize the MAX to resume service next year.

An unknown remains on the decision of China, one of the most important aeronautical markets in the world.

The aircraft had been grounded since two close accidents of Lion Air (189 dead in October 2018) and Ethiopian Airlines (157 dead in March 2019).


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