29 December 2020 The actor Corrado Olmi, a protagonist for over half a century between TV, cinema and theater, died this morning in a hospital in Rome where he was hospitalized for a disease aggravated by Covid, at the age of 94.

The announcement of the disappearance was made by the Pergolesi Spontini Foundation of Jesi (Ancona).

And it was in the Marche city that Olmi was born on 24 October 1926. "We are in mourning for the death of Corrado Olmi, one of the most loved faces in Italian cinema and theater", wrote the Foundation in a statement.

Olmi had taken his first steps in the amateur dramatics of his hometown on the same stage as the Pergolesi Theater, from which Valeria Moriconi took off.

And together with Valeria and the actress's husband, Aldo Moriconi, Corrado Olmi had decided in 1952 to try the artistic adventure in Rome, starting from the Marche city all aboard an 1100 car. "Since then he has never stopped. , always alongside great directors and actors, in an immense filmography, TV dramas and theatrical and operetta shows ", remembers the Pergolesi Spontini Foundation.

Corrado Olmi has interpreted about forty films, the first of which was "Sin of chastity" by Gianni Franciolini (1956).

Since then, among the many comedies in which he has acted there are "La cuccagna" by Luciano Salce (1962), "Adultero lui, adultera lei" by Raffaello Matarazzo (1963), "Frenesia dell'estate" by Luigi Zampa (1963), " The fairies "by Mario Monicelli (1966)," Our husbands "by Luigi Zampa (1966)," Il Provinciale "by Salce (1971)," Crazy in love "by Castellano and Pipolo (1981) and" Bonnie and Clyde at Italian "by Steno (1983).

It was directed twice by Dario Argento in "The Nine-Tailed Cat" (1971) and "Four Flies of Gray Velvet" (1971).

Many awards also received the Silver Ribbon for the best supporting actor for the film "La cena" (1998) by Ettore Scola.

In 1993 he received the "Una Vita per il Teatro" award given to him in the Capitol.

Very active in the theatrical field, Corrado Olmi has appeared on television in several black and white Rai dramas (including "Il conte di Montecristo").

Corrado Olmi's bond with Jesi "has remained very strong, and today the city mourns him and remembers him as one of the most vital and generous protagonists of the stage - underlines the Pergolesi Spontini Foundation - Very strong, above all, his attachment to the Pergolesi Theater , where he returned several times during his long career, including in 1998 on the occasion of the celebrations for the 200th anniversary of his inauguration. For the Pergolesi Spontini Foundation - he recalls - he had taken part in the celebrations for the 300th anniversary of Giovanni's birth Battista Pergolesi, on 4 January 2010 at the Cathedral of San Settimio. And again, among the last appearances on the stage in Jesi, on 18 May 2018 he took part in the show 'Laughing and joking, 50 ne fo!'

show written, directed and performed by the Onafifetti for the 50th anniversary of the cabaret theater company ".       

The mayor of Jesi, Massimo Bacci, declared: "The death of Corrado Olmi is sad news for Jesi, a city to which he was linked by a visceral love. He leaves us a great film and theater artist, traveling companion of a 'another extraordinary Jesina of the second half of the last century such as Valeria Moriconi, but also a highly appreciated set designer and designer ".