China News Service, Fuzhou, December 28 (Yan Xu) In the Quangang Petrochemical Industrial Park, Taiwan’s Guoqiao Quangang Petrochemical Project with a total investment of NT$50 billion is accelerating land leveling, surveying and mapping.

In March of this year, the project settled through the video connection "cloud signing". Quanzhou Guoheng Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in the park to build a new propane dehydrogenation and polypropylene project.

  This is the largest Taiwanese-invested project in Quanzhou, Fujian Province in the past three years.

Chen Jingfu, deputy general manager of Quanzhou Guoheng Chemical Co., Ltd., said that choosing to settle in Quangang Petrochemical Park is because of the strong petrochemical industry foundation of the park.

The first phase of the project is expected to be completed and put into operation in 2023, with an annual output value of 10 billion yuan (RMB, the same below).

  The new crown pneumonia epidemic failed to stop the integration of Fujian and Taiwan.

In 2020, Fujian will give full play to its advantages, continue to explore new ways for cross-strait integration and development, and accelerate the construction of the first home for Taiwanese compatriots and Taiwanese enterprises to land.

  Fujian-Taiwan economic and trade cooperation rose against the trend. From January to October, 948 Taiwanese enterprises were newly established in Fujian, ranking first among all provinces in the mainland.

The "2020 Cross-Strait Entrepreneurs Summit" was held in Xiamen and Taipei by means of video connection; "Xiamen City and Taiwanese Businessmen and Taiwanese Enterprises Forum" concentrated on signing 15 Taiwanese-funded and Taiwanese enterprise projects on site, with a total investment of 10.3 billion yuan; the first " "Taiwan enterprises to expand the mainland domestic market matchmaking activities" reached a signing agreement with an amount of nearly 1 billion yuan.

  In addition, Golden Circle Securities, the first full-license joint venture securities company across the Taiwan Strait, opened in Xiamen, and four Taiwanese-funded enterprises in Xiamen were approved to be listed on the mainland.

For the third consecutive year, the 6 national-level Taiwanese farmer entrepreneurship parks in Fujian have taken the top six comprehensive evaluations by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. The first batch of 9 Fujian-Taiwan agricultural integration development industrial parks have been established. The number and scale of agricultural use of Taiwanese funds remain the mainland the first.

  At the Taiwan Farmer Pioneer Park in Zhangpu, Fujian, Cai Zhiyang, general manager of Zhangpu Taifengshan Ecological Agriculture Company and Taiwanese compatriot, has begun to take shape in planting high-tech varieties of fruit trees.

"Although this year's spring plowing stage was affected by the epidemic, the villagers did not panic too much. I know the source of their confidence lies in me." He said that he personally feels Fujian's support for the innovative development of Taiwanese farmers and the implementation of the same treatment. The integrated development of agriculture has good prospects.

  Fujian, which is separated by a thin strip of water from Taiwan, will accelerate the pace of cross-strait connectivity in 2020. The "small four links" between Fujian's coastal areas and Kinmen, Matsu, and water, electricity, ventilation, and bridges will continue to advance.

As of the end of November, the cumulative water supply from Quanzhou, Fujian’s Jinmen Water Supply Project has reached 10.05 million tons. This year, the average daily water supply is expected to reach 15,000 tons.

  The Fujian Coastal Gas Supply Project to Jinma has formally signed a “cloud contract”, and the initial bidding has been completed for the Fujian side project of Jinma Power Interconnection. The Xiamen Jin and Fuma Tongqiao plans have been submitted to the national ministries and commissions for verification.

At the same time, Fujian has continued to promote common cross-strait industry standards, and has taken the lead in directly identifying 52 Taiwan vocational qualifications corresponding to professional titles, directly adopting 20 Taiwan vocational skills qualifications and 14 vocational qualification certificates.

  Zhang Wensheng, deputy dean of the Taiwan Research Institute of Xiamen University, believes that Fujian’s coastal waters, electricity, ventilation, and bridges can form a closer life circle with Kinmen and Matsu, and it is an important measure to comply with the public opinion of Kinmen and Matsu and improve the lives of local people; Promoting common industry standards is a very important basic project to promote cross-strait integration, which can make cross-strait economic and trade, cultural, and social exchanges more free from obstacles.

  Fujian is the main ancestral home of Taiwan compatriots, and it is also a "blessed place" for Taiwan compatriots, especially Taiwan youths, for entrepreneurship, employment and life.

In 2020, Taiwan compatriots will continue to pursue their dreams and build their dreams.

Cai Peijun, a young Taiwanese who is engaged in children's English picture book education in Fuzhou, is working with friends in Quanzhou to develop English picture book classrooms.

"This year, due to the impact of the epidemic, classes will not be available for most of the year. However, we have made timely adjustments, and coupled with the fact that the mainland has done a good job in prevention and control of the epidemic, we have recovered in the second half of the year." Cai Peiyun said.

  Many Taiwan compatriots said in an interview with reporters that the "Eight Measures on Actively Responding to the Impact of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic and Further Supporting the Development of the Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Base in Taiwan", 28 measures to implement the "11 Articles" of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, etc. were introduced, allowing them to Fujian's development has a sense of gain and confidence.

In 2020, Fujian will complete and improve policies and measures to benefit Taiwan and the people, and promote the establishment of a "Taiwanese Compatriots and Taiwanese Enterprise Service Center" in the administrative service center; the establishment of Taiwan's "specialized and new" SME docking service window and "one-stop" Taiwanese compatriots Medical Insurance Service Center; continued to resolve a batch of TSMC-related cases and accepted 438 complaints from Taiwanese compatriots and Taiwanese businessmen for help.

  Since the beginning of this year, Fujian has normalized the prevention and control of Taiwan-related epidemics. The province’s primary and secondary Taiwanese enterprises have resumed work and production, and qualified tertiary-industry Taiwanese enterprises have fully resumed business and market, and new Taiwan-funded projects have been launched and increased capital. Over 20 billion yuan, financial institutions provide more than 1 billion yuan in credit to Taiwanese enterprises.

  Chen Yiting, president of the Fuzhou Taiwanese Investment Enterprise Association, said that Fujian’s efforts in exploring new ways of cross-strait integration and development have made him more optimistic about the opportunities for sustainable economic development in the mainland, and firmly believes that Taiwan-funded enterprises have bright prospects for investment and development in the mainland.

  "Fujian has indeed made a lot of efforts to promote cross-strait exchanges and cross-strait integration this year. This is a function that Fujian must play as the "frontier" of cross-strait integration and development." Zhang Wensheng said.