The first coroner vaccinations have been given in Finland.

Staff involved in the treatment of coronary patients and suspected coronary infection, as well as sampling, were the first to be vaccinated.

Nurse Andrea Nummi described her feelings on Sunday after receiving the vaccination.

How did the vaccination go?

- Well it went, it was a really easy vaccine.

It didn't happen in any way, Nummi described

What are the moods like now?

Feeling relieved?

- Yes, it is definitely a relief.

It's really nice to have this kind of vaccine.

He returns to work in relief and at least after he gets another vaccine.

What kind of tasks are you in?

- I'm just working as a nurse in the ward, pulmonary department.

He has cared for corona patients in the spring and fall.

- In the spring, the challenge has been how to care for hygiene, when the instructions have changed, how to dress.

In the fall, it has seemed easier to treat coronary patients.

One fear can now be forgotten.

- I was happy to wait for the vaccination.

There has been a fear of when Korona will be brought home.

He didn’t notice anything special after the vaccination.

The overwhelming feeling for Andrea Numme was relief.

- This is clearly a holiday.

The best Christmas gift that I have received.

He says he was at work this morning and now stays free in good spirits.

Timo Suonsyrjä: The vaccine is received with joy

Chief physician Timo Suonsyrjä also received the vaccination.

He described his feelings to Ilta-Sanomat shortly after waiting the required 15 minutes after vaccination.

- The day has gone well.

First work was done, then we went for vaccinations and then we get home, he wondered.

- It wasn't exciting to take any vaccine.

It’s great that the vaccinations started.

Was there a competition among the staff to see who would get first?

- To my knowledge, there was no competition.

I was on vacation when the decisions were made.

What was important was that the vaccination campaign started.

That is the most important thing in my mind at the moment, Suonsyrjä said.

Does this vaccine affect your own work or everyday life?

- Carefully move forward as before.

Let’s see when more vaccine is available to see how it shows in epidemic control.

He has worked in the emergency and surveillance departments.

- It's been a special year.

A challenging year with arrangements.

The vaccine will be welcomed.