Travel on New Year's Day and Spring Festival holidays should be "as much as possible"

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 27th (Reporters Yu Junjie, Zhou Wenchong) The reporter learned from the relevant person in charge of the Marketing Management Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on the 27th that the New Year’s Day and Spring Festival holidays of 2021 are approaching. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism requires cultural tourism On the premise of doing a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, the department has enriched product supply and improved public services to help the cultural and tourism market to recover and develop.

  The Ministry of Culture and Tourism recently issued the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Culture and Tourism Holiday Market for the New Year's Day in 2021", insisting on expanding the strategic base of domestic demand and forming a strong domestic market.

Local cultural and tourism departments should develop a number of tourist routes, destinations, and creative products with regional and ethnic characteristics that meet the needs of tourists, organize and carry out grassroots services such as "Culture Spring Festival, Art for the People" and "Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival", and promote Excellent folk culture and art.

  The notice requires all localities to guide enterprises in scenic spots, hotels, transportation and other areas to improve emergency plans, clean and disinfect; improve the service level of "smart scenic spots", and promote the normalization of reservations in tourist attractions in accordance with the principle of "making appointments and making appointments.

  The notice clearly stated that during the double festival period, all localities should strengthen comprehensive market law enforcement, investigate and deal with illegal activities such as "unreasonable low-priced tours" and order products and services from unqualified suppliers, and implement the "Interim Provisions on Online Tourism Management Service Management" to maintain Online travel market order.

  The notice also requires travel agencies and online travel companies to conduct safety assessments on tourism products and travel routes, formulate and implement tourist flow control plans for scenic spots, and tourist restaurants to strictly control food sources and strengthen food safety.

In addition, work with relevant departments to strengthen the safety inspection of ropeways, cable cars and other equipment and fire-fighting facilities, and resolutely stop operation and use if the safety requirements are not met.

  It is reported that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will guide all localities to strengthen emergency duty, unblock the "12318" cultural market reporting hotline, "12301" travel complaint hotline and other complaint channels, and strive to improve the quality of cultural activities and tourism experience.