Sunday, a hand grenade was found in

front of a crime reporter from

De Limburger


in Neer, Limburg.

The Explosives Ordnance Disposal Service Defense (EOD) is on its way to deactivate the explosive and possibly detonate it, the police reported on Twitter.

The journalist found the hand grenade himself and called the police, the newspaper reports.

As a precaution, local residents have had to leave their homes, the police say.

The street is closed pending the EO.

The police are investigating the origin of the hand grenade and the possible background of the incident.

Editor-in-chief Bjorn Oostra of

De Limburger

says he is "shocked" on the newspaper's website.

He does not want to speculate about a possible link between the discovery of the hand grenade and the work of the journalist.

"Our colleague's safety is our number one priority."