Chinese financial authorities are reviewing financial services such as small loans that have been rapidly expanding for "Ant Group", which operates cashless payment services under the umbrella of "Alibaba Group", the largest online shopping company in Japan. Announced that it asked for.

Financial authorities such as the People's Bank of China and the Bank Insurance Supervision and Administration Committee announced on the 27th

that they have requested the "Ant Group", which operates the cashless payment service "Alipay" under the "Alibaba Group", to improve its operations. ..

The number of users of Alipay is said to exceed 1 billion, mainly in China, and based on this, Ant Group has rapidly expanded its operations such as small loans and insurance.

Regarding this, the financial authorities have pointed out that they have profited in a way that violates regulations this time, and will focus on the group's business on settlement services, and will establish a new financial company and provide loans under the supervision of the authorities I asked for it.

The Chinese government has increased pressure on Alibaba Group after Alibaba founder Jack Ma criticized the financial authorities, and last month, the listing of new shares of Ant Group was postponed shortly before due to the guidance of the authorities. Is being driven into.

It has also announced that it has begun investigating Alibaba on suspicion of using its monopoly position, and is stepping up its efforts to tighten regulations on giant IT companies that are becoming more influential.

Regarding this, Ant Group commented, "We will fully implement the demands of the financial authorities and adapt the financial operations to the norms. We have already started to formulate improvement measures and will continue to receive guidance." Shows the attitude of following.