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Story: Why are Christmas movies so successful?

It's the holidays, it's Christmas and Clap!

is interested in… Christmas movies!

Each year, it is with guilty pleasure that we watch these films that the television programs in November and that we have however already seen dozens of times ... Santa Claus is a junk, Mom I have missed the plane, Love actually… not to mention Christmas TV movies, written specifically for the holidays.

Why do we enjoy watching these films that we know by heart so much?

What are their ingredients?

What do they say about our company?

We tell you everything in Clap!


Barbara Laborde

, cinema and television specialist, professor at the Sorbonne-Nouvelle 

The films of my life:

Gérard Jugnot 

Critics' opinion:

Marilyne Letertre


Madame Figaro


Fabrice Leclerc


Paris Match 

Films discussed: The Midnight Sky (Netflix) / Soul (Disney +) / Selfie (My channel) / The forgotten prince