Queen Elizabeth, 94, the traditional Christmas Day speech was televised on Friday.

In addition to the content of the speech, British media and TV viewers have tended to pay attention to, among other things, the photos on the queen’s desk, the queen’s outfit, and the decor of this study.

One topic of review each year has been which family members appear in the photos on Queen Elizabeth’s desk.

What was exceptional this year was that there was only one photo on Elizabeth’s desk.

In the framed picture, the Queen's wife, Prince Philip, 99, poses. In June, Prince Philip, who turns 100, and Queen Elizabeth have been married for 73 years.

Due to the Crown Year, the royal couple has had to spend most of the year in isolation from the rest of the Royal Family as well as the citizens.

In a Christmas speech in 2020, Queen Elizabeth had only a picture of Prince Philip on her desk. Photo: Victoria Jones, Reuters

In 2019, Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas speech at the Queen’s Table saw a photograph of the family of Prince William and Duchess Catherine, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla, Prince Philip, and Elizabeth’s father.

Attention was drawn at the time to the fact that the uproaring Prince Harry, Duchess Meghan, and Prince Andrew shone in their absence.

In addition to the photographs, last year a public debate arose about the choice of residence for Queen Elizabeth:

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In 2019, in addition to photographs, attention was drawn to Queen Elizabeth's choice of outfit, which was estimated to take a stand on the British turmoil. Photo: MEGA / The Mega Agency / MVPhotos

In 2018, the photos that appeared on Queen Elizabeth’s table were noticed by the fact that Duchess Meghan appeared in several photos.

In addition to the images, citizens were spoken of by an environment that was described as boastful.

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In 2018, the Queen's Christmas speech was exacerbated by the abundant milieu, with the golden grand piano in particular being considered by some citizens to be a show off.

In her speech this year, Queen Elizabeth spoke of the coronation year without ever mentioning the words pandemic, coronavirus, or covid-19.

Despite this, the coronavirus crisis was the dominant theme throughout the speech.

In her speech, Elizabeth praised, among others, health care workers and “good Samaritans who have emerged from every corner of society, showing respect and caring for everyone”.

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Queen Elizabeth has been giving her Christmas Day speech since 1952.

Initially, it was broadcast on the radio.

The first TV broadcast was shown in 1957.Picture: PA / PA Images / MVPhotos

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