Xinhua News Agency, Los Angeles, December 25 (Reporter Gao Shan) According to US media reports, Air Canada confirmed on the 25th that a Boeing 737 MAX 8 passenger plane of the company was on the way from Arizona, USA to Montreal, Canada due to engine appearance. After the failure was forced to return home, he landed urgently.

  The report quoted an e-mail statement from Air Canada saying that shortly after the plane took off from an aircraft parking and storage facility in Marana Town, northwest of Tucson, Arizona, the pilot received a low hydraulic pressure on the left side engine. Warning notice.

The pilot therefore decided to "turn off an engine" and "turn to Tucson and land normally."

  The statement pointed out that modern aircraft designs have the ability to fly with a single engine, and Air Canada pilots have also received such training.

  There are reports that the Boeing airliner that has failed this time has been parked at facilities near Marana Town since February this year.

The aircraft was performing a test flight at the time, with only 3 crew members on board.

Air Canada currently has 15 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. It is not clear whether this accident will impact the 737 MAX’s go-around plan.

The Canadian Transportation Safety Board has indicated that it will investigate this.

  There were two major air crashes on the Boeing 737 MAX in October 2018 and March 2019, killing a total of 346 people.

Subsequently, many countries and regions around the world grounded or banned the 737 MAX series passenger aircraft.

Because the town of Marana is located in the dry desert of Arizona, which is conducive to aircraft maintenance, some of the 737 MAX passenger planes were transferred to the aircraft storage facility near the town of Marana after being grounded.

  After being grounded for 20 months due to the aforementioned air crash, the Federal Aviation Administration just lifted the grounding order for the Boeing 737 MAX airliner last month.