Berlin (AP) - Club President Dirk Zingler (56) from Bundesliga club 1. FC Union Berlin has sharply criticized the German Football Association and DFB Director Oliver Bierhoff.

«Unfortunately, our umbrella organization paints a catastrophic picture.

Not only with personnel issues in the last few weeks and months, but simply through the path that has been taken, »said Zingler in an interview published on Friday on AFTV, the club TV of the capital city.

«We have to give the football of the German national team back to the people.

What happened there is a complete mistake for me, and I blame Oliver Bierhoff for that, who wanted to turn the German national team into a brand, ”said Zingler.

The fact that the DFB selection - from Zingler's point of view - primarily geared towards “TV times and brand policy” cannot be accepted.

"We have to take countermeasures because I believe that the negative development in the German Football Association has a negative impact on club football," said Zingler.

The boss of the iron senses an increasing alienation.

You could also lose 6-0, like in November against Spain, but would have to deal with it differently.

“There is no talk of what effect it actually has on football fans.

It is being discussed in terms of sport - and that basically shows me that some gentlemen at the German Football Association have completely lost their ties to the actual football fan, "criticized Zingler.


The functionary is also not surprised that the supporters of his club are no longer cheering for the national team.

«I cannot imagine that anyone who loves football here in the Alte Försterei would like to watch a game of the national team live at the moment.

Because that has nothing to do with why you actually became a football fan, "said Zingler.

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