As the infection with the new coronavirus is spreading, the government has decided to spend more than 480 billion yen, including the reserve fund for this year, to secure beds for medical institutions.

This year, the government has posted 11.5 trillion yen as a "reserve fund" that can be used without the approval of the Diet as a response to the new coronavirus.

At the Cabinet meeting on the 25th, it was decided to spend more than 486.2 billion yen out of the more than 6,890 billion yen whose usage has not been decided yet.

Specifically, as the number of newly infected people and severely ill patients is increasing, we will spend more than 269.2 billion yen on the cost of securing beds for patients at medical institutions.

In addition, each prefecture will spend more than 216.9 billion yen on "Temporary Grants for Regional Revitalization" as a financial resource for cooperation funds when requesting restaurants to shorten business hours or take a leave of absence.

The government has included 5 trillion yen as a reserve fund to support the new corona in the budget plan for the next fiscal year, which was decided on the 21st of this month.