Compared with what it looked like a week ago, there is an increase of ten cases in elderly and care homes in Nyköping.

Of the total of 16 infected, eleven live at Björkhagen's nursing home in Tystberga and five at Koggen's nursing home and dementia in Nyköping.

Current image

However, it is important to take into account that the number of cases in the municipality's operations can change depending on whether infected users are transferred to hospital care.

The municipality's figures give a current picture of the situation.

- We do our best to keep the infection out and we do it well, but it is the high social spread that causes the infection to enter homes, says Sofia Amloh (S).

"Tried hard"

She is very concerned about the situation, especially given that Christmas is just around the corner.

- Now we are being tested extremely hard and we need to be able to hold on and not be careless in order to reduce the spread of society, both for the tenants in our homes and for the staff's situation.

It's serious now, everyone must think about how exactly they should act to prevent infection.

In addition to the infection in the two homes, there are nine home care recipients who have been confirmed infected, which is one more than last week.

The spread of infection is increasing

The spread of infection is increasing in Nyköping and in Sörmland, and the infection control doctor Signar Mäkitalo fears that this will mean that corona infection will spread to more nursing homes.

- It is the connection we make, that if you get a large general spread, it affects the elderly, he says.