, December 23. According to the website of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, the National Health Commission, and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine recently issued the "Implementation Opinions on Deepening the Collaboration of Medical Education and Further Promoting the Reform and High-quality Development of Chinese Medicine Education" ( Hereinafter referred to as "Opinions").

The "Opinions" pointed out that starting from 2021, Chinese medicine courses will be listed as compulsory courses and graduation practice content for undergraduate clinical medicine majors, and the course hours will be increased.

  The "Opinions" proposed to strengthen the professional construction of Chinese medicine disciplines.

Consolidate the dominant position of Chinese medicine majors, adjust and optimize the discipline and professional layout of Chinese medicine schools, and concentrate advantageous resources to strengthen and expand the backbone of Chinese medicine.

To build about 100 first-class undergraduate majors in Chinese medicine.

Layout of TCM majors that serve the entire life cycle of TCM health preservation and TCM rehabilitation.

Improve the discipline system of Chinese medicine and strengthen the construction of basic, classic, and disease prevention disciplines in Chinese medicine.

Appropriately expand the scale of construction of "first-class disciplines" in Chinese medicine and improve the construction structure.

Complete the first round of professional certification of Chinese medicine within five years.

  The "Opinions" clearly promote the reform of the long-term education of Chinese medicine.

The pilot is exploring the training of nine-year TCM talents. The newly increased enrollment scale in the pilot work is mainly used to support TCM colleges and other universities to jointly train high-level and compound TCM talents.

When long-term students transfer to postgraduate study, they should be included in and occupied by the relevant colleges and universities in the corresponding level of graduate enrollment plan of the year. All relevant colleges and universities must coordinate their internal resources and reasonably determine the enrollment scale of each level.

  The "Opinions" mentioned the reform of integrated Chinese and Western medicine education.

A nine-year integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine education will be carried out on a pilot basis to cultivate small but sophisticated, high-level and high-level integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine talents.

Exploring the new model of "Western learning and Chinese" integrated Chinese and Western medicine talent training, allowing clinical medical students studying for a degree in Chinese medicine to participate in the qualification examination of integrated Chinese and Western medicine and standardized training of Chinese medicine residents, and graduates must meet the standards for awarding Chinese medicine professional degrees.

Starting from the 2021 grade, Chinese medicine courses are listed as compulsory courses for undergraduate clinical medicine majors and graduation practice content, increasing the course hours.

Set up compulsory courses of basic Chinese medicine and appropriate technology in higher vocational clinical medicine.

Physicians in clinical, oral, and public health categories should receive necessary continuing education in Chinese medicine.

  The "Opinions" require the development of vocational education in Chinese medicine.

Reform the enrollment mechanism and training content of vocational colleges, support the construction of a batch of high-level TCM higher vocational schools and professions (groups), and build a batch of high-level professional TCM production and education integration training bases and TCM technical skills training demonstrations base.

Support the vocational colleges of traditional Chinese medicine to train students and social personnel in the cultivation of traditional Chinese medicine planting, traditional Chinese medicine processing, traditional Chinese medicine health maintenance, elderly care and other traditional Chinese medicine health service technical skills.

Implement a pilot system of "academic certificate + several vocational skill grade certificates", promote the construction of vocational skill grade certificates in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, promote the integration of documents and certificates, and cultivate and train Chinese medicine compound technical skills.

  The "Opinions" are clear and explore the reform of enrollment methods.

Actively take measures to attract high-quality students to apply for Chinese medicine majors and improve the quality of students.

Starting in 2021, in principle, the enrollment of secondary vocational TCM majors will be suspended.

Support TCM colleges and universities to strengthen the selection and training of outstanding students who have profound knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and love TCM, and include traditional TCM culture and special skills of TCM into the content of postgraduate re-examination.

Adhere to recruiting students according to needs and recruiting according to the needs. Each training unit shall reasonably determine the admission plan for Chinese medicine and integrated Chinese and Western medicine according to the needs of talents and the status of medical education resources, and gradually increase the number of graduate students with a professional degree of Chinese medicine (general medicine) Enrollment plan, expand the scale of rural order-oriented free training of Chinese medicine professional medical students.

  The "Opinions" require strengthening the construction of Chinese medicine teachers.

Construct about 10 national TCM teacher teaching development demonstration centers, implement the excellent TCM teacher training plan, cultivate a group of famous teaching teachers and excellent teaching teams, and vigorously strengthen the training of classic TCM teachers with rich clinical experience.

Colleges and universities that hold Chinese medicine education should gradually increase the proportion of "dual-professional" teachers, and strengthen the training of basic Chinese medicine course teachers, classic course teachers, clinical teachers, and teacher-instructors.

Improve the incentive mechanism for teachers' teaching and clinical teaching, take the teaching and teaching situation as an important basis for the promotion of teachers' ranks and the distribution of performance wages, and gradually increase the teaching and teaching subsidy standards.