On social media, they urge anyone who has no symptoms to wait to get tested.

Do not book sampling to use the answer as a health certificate, they write.

The test answer only shows if the person had been infected on the day he took the test.

A negative test does not mean that you can meet several days after the test was taken.

- We have a fear that people will test themselves unnecessarily, but nothing we see has happened so far, says Åke Tenerz who is medical chief of staff in the Västmanland region.

Want to avoid the more contagious variant of coronavirus

On the other hand, everyone who came to Sweden from the UK on 12 December or later is invited to get tested, regardless of symptoms or not.

So far, the new mutated variant of coronavirus that was discovered in the UK has not been found in Sweden, but if it is here, the regions want to be able to isolate the people who carry the virus.

Even children, from preschool class and up, who have been to the UK need to be tested.