Leipzig (AP) - The managing director of the SC DHfK Leipzig has sharply criticized the lack of solidarity within the Bundesliga and the decision to host the upcoming handball World Cup.

“We can't get out of steam because everyone insists on their rights.

It's just being shown what nonsense we're doing with the World Cup.

But a great communal compromise is not possible.

That depresses me », said Karsten Günther on Wednesday.

You have to find solutions to prevent the deadline and set priorities.

Günther named the Leipzig trio Philipp Weber, Maciej Gebala and Marko Mamic as an example of the players' stress.

«We play against Flensburg on Sunday, three days later they go to their national teams.

Then comes the World Cup, then 23 league games and then the Olympics in Tokyo.

And everywhere they want and should do their best, ”said Günther.

The World Cup will take place for the first time from January 14th to 31st with 32 teams in Egypt.

Some German national players have to do without the tournament due to the corona risk.

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