In order to provide information about the soon-to-be-available corona vaccination, a family doctor from Baden-Württemberg attached an information sheet to his practice and shared it on the Internet.

Shortly afterwards, the post went viral - more than 4,000 people reacted to the post on Facebook, around 1,000 people commented and almost 9,000 users shared it (as of Wednesday afternoon).

The information sheet also received a lot of attention on Twitter.

Many users thanked the doctor from Neu-Ulm for the information.

“Well written.

Thank you, ”wrote a user on Facebook.

Elsewhere it says: "Very well summarized and all wild theses refuted".

In the letter, the doctor explains briefly and clearly about the corona vaccine and possible side effects.

At the same time, he goes into a humorous tone of many theories about the vaccine that are circulating on the Internet, such as the assumption that the vaccine changes the genome or is linked to the implantation of a chip.

"Just google it and read it up"


The doctor speaks out very clearly in favor of the corona vaccination.

"Yes, we recommend the corona vaccination to every patient and will have ourselves vaccinated as soon as possible." He also refers to the extensive test procedure and draws attention to the publicly available medical study on the vaccine.

“The complete results of the vaccine study are published in the 'New England Journal of Medicine' and are publicly available.

Just google 'NEJM' and 'Corona' and read it up.

A much more serious source than Telegram, WhatsApp or Facebook. ”The doctor is alluding to the many conspiracy theories that are circulating on the internet and in social networks.

It becomes particularly clear towards the end of the letter.

So he cites:

8. "But there will be a chip ... NO!"


9. "And Bill Gates ... NO!"

10. “But you are paid by the pharmaceutical industry ... NO!

We are really happy if your health insurance company occasionally allows something for your treatment. "

Some users reacted skeptical to insulting to the contribution.

"Shame," it said in a comment on Twitter.

Or: "To recommend this vaccination for all patients is grossly negligent."

The information sheet from a family doctor from Neu-Ulm provides information about the new corona vaccine

Source: Practice Dr.


Christian Krone / doctor

Vaccinations start on the weekend


In Germany, vaccinations against the corona virus are expected to start on the weekend.

Around 150,000 doses of the vaccine from the manufacturers Biontech and Pfizer will initially be delivered to the federal states on Saturday.

The first vaccinations should then start on Sunday - initially in nursing homes and old people's homes.

According to Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU), 1.3 million doses are to be delivered in Germany by the end of the year.

In the summer, enough vaccine should be available for all those willing to vaccinate - provided that new vaccines are approved as expected, as Spahn told ARD.

Shortly after the vaccine was approved by the EU Commission, the federal institute responsible for testing vaccines in Germany paved the way for the start of the corona vaccinations on Sunday this week.

According to information on Wednesday, the Paul Ehrlich Institute released three batches with around 4.1 million doses of the corona vaccine from the manufacturers Biontech and Pfizer.

The release is a prerequisite for the application of the vaccine.

Mass vaccinations of the vaccine have now started in Great Britain, the USA and Canada, among others.